Raymond Neil Perkins Trophy

Raymond Neil Perkins Trophy

This trophy has been retired and was replaced by the Glenn R. Masterson Trophy. It was donated to the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (C.S.P.A.) by the St. Catharines Parachute Club in memory of F/O Raymond Neil Perkins, one of the original members of the Parachute Club of Canada (now called C.S.P.A.) Raymond, at the age of 22 years , met with a fatal accident in a Harvard aircraft on duty as an Instructor with the R.C.A.F. on May 21st, 1958. This trophy had been awarded by C.S.P.A. to various individuals or groups since 1962.


1974 - Donald H. Rochester

CSPA military liaison officer; National Meet Director; HOD National Teams; Competition Committee member; International judge; CSPA IPC delegate; Commander Cdn. Airborne Regiment.


1973 - Bill Hardman

1st Cdn to reach 2000 jumps; Instructor and Rigger; Chief Course Conductor; area safety officer; Director of CSPA; Chair CSPA ITT&C Committee; responsible for development and revision of numerous manuals, licence and technical standards; National Team member; National Team Coach; Chief Pilot and DZ operator; world record holder.


1972 -  James Taylor

Long service as CSPA Exec. Director, Secretary and Treasurer; ran the CSPA office from his basement for over 15 years; Canadian Parachutist editor; COP administrator; IPC Delegate; IPC sub-committee Chair.


1970 - Carol Brand

Member of competition committee; supporter of National teams; first Canadian women to win a medal at a WPC (3rd overall).


1967 - Dr. Colin Ross

For overall contribution to the Association including several terms as Director and President; supporter of national unity and oversaw the transition of the PCC to the CSPA; one of the pioneers of our sport including being a founding member of the Edmonton Parachute Club; extensive liaison with the Federal Gov't; instrumental in obtaining Gov't. grants; member TTSC; supporter and HOD National teams.


1964 - Noel Desrosiers

Pour avoir rescapé un sauteur inconscient tombé au milieu des glaces d'une rivière au Québec.


1962 - Canadian Parachute Team

Daryl Henry, SF Wykeham Martin, Floyd Martineau, Jim Noble, Glen Read

Awarded to the 1962 Men's Canadian Parachute Team for being the first Canadians ever to set an international world record when they captured the FAI record for men's group accuracy (Daylight 1500 metres) at the 1962 World Championships at Orange, Massachusetts with a team score of 1.76 metres.