Virtual National Parachuting Competition

Virtual National Parachuting Competition

With Nationals being held every two years—which coincide picking the candidates for the Worlds the following year—there are many skydivers who still would like to train, practice and compete. However, organizing your own competition at your local DZ might not be feasible. With some of the smaller centers having a limited number of jumpers (and lift), CSPA wanted to give skydivers an opportunity to follow the Long Term Athlete Development program (LTAD) Flight Plan stage 4 Train to Train (T2T) and stage 5 Train to Complete (T2C) ‘virtually’ all across Canada.

This idea is very similar to the National Skydiving League (NSL) in the USA, as well as similar approaches that South Africa and France have taken to develop teams in many disciplines. CSPA always wants to support local jumpers and encourage learning and growing while having fun too! This event will allow skydivers to compete in their preferred skill/discipline against other jumpers of the same level across Canada without having to spend money/time on travel. Furthermore, this opportunity offers the chance to be judged by our very own National Judges.

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