Province of Ontario Special Acheivement Award

Province of Ontario Special Acheivement Award

The Ontario Sports Award is presented by the Province of Ontario to athletes, coaches and volunteers in grateful recognition of a distinguished contribution to the field of fitness and amateur sport over an extended period of time which has resulted in the building and development of their sport.

The award recipients listed below are sport parachutists who have made significant strides towards promoting the sport; have a history of involvement and performance as an athlete, coach, official or administrator; or have been builders and developers of the sport. Their contrubution and accomplishments are outstanding.


1993 - T. Edward S. Matchett

1992 - Dave Parke

1991 - Guido Robert

1990 - Steve West

1990 - Doreen West

1988 - John Simis

1987 - John Brekelmans

1976 - John Chemello

1974 - Ernst Mueller

1972 - Lloyd Kallio

1971 - Herb Hoeschle

1970 - Glenn Masterson