Canadian Parachuting Records

Canadian Parachuting Records

FAI Parachuting Records

The Sporting Code of the FAI provides for record classes for individual and group jumps. Records are classified separately as to general and female. Precision records are also classified as to day and night. For a record to be registered with the FAI as an International or National record, the conditions laid down in the FAI regulations must be strictly complied with.

CSPA Canadian Parachuting Records

A CSPA record system has been established. These records will not be registered with the FAI; but will be considered as "Canadian" records, as opposed to "National" records. The registration and certification of such "Canadian" records will be less complicated. The CSPA records will be classified as Competition Records and Performance Records.

For complete information on Canadian Parachuting Records, please visit PIM 4D and to apply for a Canadian record, please use the form below.