Along with all the practical training, there are basic and special skills for which a skydiver may require to be certified or "endorsed". These endorsements, contain specific training procedures and regulation for such skills as Main Parachute Packing, Water and Night Jumps, Solo Checkout and Relative Work. As a skydiver masters the skills required for each endorsement, they will be tested by an Instructor/Coach/Rigger and "signed off" for that particular activity.

Endorsements are tested by either written testing, verbal questioning and/or practical testing; or a combination of these. The endorsement is tested and signed off by the proper rating holder. A list of the rating holders required for each endorsement is found below. All endorsements for the respective CoP must be obtained prior to writing the CoP exam.

If your logbook does not have an endorsement card, you can print off the one attached at the bottom of this page.

Logbook entries for jumps used to meet certificate requirements must be countersigned by a CoP holder who has witnessed the actual jump. Entries must include name and CSPA #.

Type of rating required by those holding signing privileges are:


EndorsementRequired ForSigned By
Solo Checkout JumpSoloJM/JMR, PFFI
Emergency Procedures Review SoloSoloJM/JMR, SSI
2 way FSAC2
Emergency Procedures Review AAJM/JMR, SSI, C2
Main PackingAJM/JMR, SSI, C2, RA
Sport Canopy AAC2, C3-CP
Emergency Procedures Review BBC2, SSE
Group FSBC2
Sport Canopy BBC2, C3-CP
Emergency Procedures Review CCC2, SSE
Sport Canopy CCC2, C3-CP
Night JumpsNight JumpsSSE
Water JumpsWater JumpsSSE


The above endorsements are only valid when signed in the logbook or on the endorsement card by an appropriate rating holder.

It is the responsibility of the person holding signing privileges to ensure that the candidate has acquired both the practical skills and technical knowledge, to a satisfactory degree, prior to signing the candidate's endorsement card or logbook.


Teaching Strategies

Coach and Instructor strategies for the delivery of these endorsements should be through the effective use of:

  • lectures
  • demonstrations
  • discussions
  • reading

Application for the skydivers would be in the form of:

  • practical demonstrations
  • drills
  • question & answer

Evaluations would be:

  • practical assessments of demonstrations
  • technical assessments of written or oral questions

These endorsements are an ongoing process starting shortly after the first jump and continuing until they are all completed at the "C" CoP level.

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