Paul Tissandier Diploma

Paul Tissandier Diploma

This diploma was established by the FAI in 1952, and is named after Mr. Paul Tissandier, Secretary General of FAI from 1919 to 1945. This diploma is awarded to those who have served the cause of Aviation in general and Sporting Aviation in particular, by their work, initiative, devotion or in any other way.


2012 - Barb Davies

Barb has spent over half her life involved in skydiving with significant contributions to the sport and competition. She was directly involved with bringing the first tandem skydive rig into Canada allowing non skydivers to experience the thrill of freefall. She is a recipient of a CSPA Service Award and a dedicated Judge with service at the provincial, national and international level. She served on the Executive of the BCSPC. She is a long serving member and current Chair of the CSPA Competition and National Teams Committee. With extensive work in support of Canada's National Teams, her commitment to Canadian athletes and fostering competition has been instrumental in revitalizing interests in our national team and the Canadian judging program.


1996 - Barry McAuley

Service at the local, provincial, national and international level. Service included: Chair and Newsletter editor for the BCSPC; Rigger Examiner and Chair of the CSPA TSC; COP processor; Head of Delegation for our National Teams; IPC Judge including Event and Chief Judge at WPC'c and member of numerous IPC sub-committees; CSPA alternate IPC Delegate; Recipient of CSPA Service award.


1992 - Cathy Johnson

Long serving employee and supporter of the CSPA. As Executive Secretary gave service above and beyond expectations and in doing so set an example for all the membership of what commitment to our sport truly is. Qualified Judge.


1990 - Robert Ledoux

Long term supporter of CSPA and DZ operator in Quebec; CSPA Director; member of T&S Committee; Recipient of CSPA Service award.


1985 - Richard Bennett

Service at the local, provincial, national and international level. Service included: CSPA Director and VP; Head of Delegation for our National Teams; Treasurer of the BCSPC; CNTC Chair for 20 years; Nat. Meet Director; Int.Judge and WPC Chief Judge; Int. Meet Organizer; member IPC sub-committees and served as second VP of the IPC: CSPA IPC Delegate; Recipient of CSPA Service award.


1981 - Kathy Fox

Long term Director and 1st female President; avid supporter of the advancement of CSPA's relations with Ministry of Transport; Chair of Long Term Planning Committee; National Competition Official; Area Safety Officer; Instructor Examiner, Rigger; instrumental in the affiliation of the FPQ with CSPA and CSPA's inclusion in the National Centre for Sport and Recreation.


1976 - Glenn Masterson

Founding member of CSPA and "father" of sport parachuting in Canada; National Team Member and Team Coach; Honorourary life-time member; CSPA Director; DOT liaison; Sport Achievement Award for Province of Ontario; Chair CSPA Promotion Com.; founding member of St. Catharines Para. Club; Recipient of CSPA Service award.


1967 - Dr. Colin Ross

For overall contribution to the Association including several terms as Director and President; supporter of national unity and oversaw the transition of the PCC to the CSPA; one of the pioneers of our sport including being a founding member of the Edmonton Parachute Club; extensive liaison with the Federal Gov't; instrumental in obtaining Gov't. grants; member TT&S; supporter and HOD National teams.