1967 Centennial Council on Sport Parachuting

1967 Centennial Council on Sport Parachuting

Distinguished Parachuting Award

Presented on Canada's centennial year by the Centennial Council on Sport Parachuting for unselfish contributions to the betterment of sport parachuting in Canada since its inception and for un-tiring efforts to upgrade the sport and enforce the basic safety regulations as initiated by the Parachute Club of Canada.

The Centennial Council has presented this Award to the following recipients after weighing the following criteria:

  • their good sportsmanship;
  • willingness to assist in the teaching of others;
  • personal efforts to improve the sport's image;
  • tenacity of purpose;
  • the number of descents made based on age/jump factor;
  • and the strict adherence to the basic rules of parachuting safety:

     Jack Austad

     Brian Bowman

     Charles Burbank

     Andre Cote

     Frank Ellis

     Charles Embury

     Daryl Henry

     Floyd Martineau

     Glenn Masterson

     Ernst Mueller

     Raymond Munro

     Colin Ross

     James Taylor

     Adam Telfer