Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

In conjunction with the Canadian Sport 4 Life model, The Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) plan provides a pathway for athletes to optimize skill development and utilize appropriate training and competition schedules. Building on strong physical literacy skills, the LTAD plan for skydiving outlines optimal training, competition and recovery programs and unites all systems to support and enhance the development of athletes and the sport as a whole.

The Mission of LTAD

  • To develop a skills identification system for novices at the point of entry into our sport
  • To identify and integrate pre-jump training into the progression system
  • To expand the path of skydiver progression
  • To identify gaps in the current progression system and provide solutions
  • To create a streamlined, understandable and efficient system
  • To act as the agent of change to create proper planning, training, competition and recovery programs for developing Canadian skydivers
  • To provide a planning tool, based on scientific research, for coaches and administrators
  • To provide awareness, education and action planning
  • To improve communication between all partners
  • To help athletes win!
  • To facilitate lifelong enjoyment in skydiving


Endorsed by the CSPA, the factors of LTAD are being used to review the existing programs, make changes and additions to the programs where necessary, and provide the basis for future developments. It is hoped that all stakeholders in skydiving in Canada will use LTAD in a similar way.