IPC - Faust Vrancic Medal

IPC - Faust Vrancic Medal

This medal was established in memory of Faust Vrancic. The Medal may be awarded annually, on the decision of the FAI Parachuting Commission, for technical innovation or achievement in parachuting. It cannot be awarded to Delegates to the FAI Parachuting Commission.

2016 - Michael Cooper

Since 2004, the Paralog scoring system coupled with the FlySight position logging device (PLD) since 2010, have made wingsuit performance competitions viable and popular. FlySight was designed specifically with wingsuit pilots in mind; in addition to logging flight data, it provides real-time audible indication of flight parameters, accelerating learning and allowing for rapid progression.

Paralog, an Internet cloud-based data management and display platform, allows the wingsuit flyer to upload, share and compare GPS tracks of performance flights. In 2008, Paralog added real-time judging and online results. Paralog Performance Competition (PPC) has a proven track record with more than 70 successful competitions and 8000+ processed wingsuit flights.

This joint achievement was recognized in 2015 when IPC adopted Paralog Performance format and rules as the international standard for Wingsuit Performance Flying, and by choosing the PPC website as the first scoring system, with FlySight as the first approved PLD. In 2015, there were 22 events with over 500 competitors worldwide using FlySight units and the Paralog scoring system, including six PPC World Series events, several national championships and the 1st FAI World Cup in Wingsuit Performance Flying.

This year there are six PPC World Series Competitions, the BPA, USPA and other national wingsuit flying championships, and in November at Zephyrhills, Florida, the 1st FAI World Championships of Wingsuit Performance Flying. These important events are made possible by the technical innovation and vision of two pioneers of our sport, men richly deserving this prestigious award.