Cathy Johnson Service Award

Cathy Johnson Service Award

This plaque, presented to only 3 recipients per annum, is awarded to an individual in recognition of the outstanding contribution and dedication which they voluntarily provided over a long period of time, in support of our sport of parachuting and to the Association.

2020 - Pat Floyd

Pat Floyd has provided assistance to this Association for many years. As a lawyer, he has provided legal advice on numerous matters and advised on various regulations. Pat has served as Chair of the NPA in past years and is currently Chair of the present-day Government Regulatory Committee. Whenever questions arise with respect to Transport Canada or Sport Canada, Pat is there to assist the Association. As well, he offers his advice at Long Range Planning Meetings and assists both this Association and its Members on any number of matters including waivers, signage, liability and documentation. He is deserving of this Award.

2020 - Eileen Vaughan

In the 1970’s Eileen volunteered in the CSPA office. It is reported in CanPara that at that time she was a special assistant to the Executive Director. At the DZ she was an instructor and coach. In the 80’s she was a member of the Competition and National Teams Committee (CNTC) for numerous years. As years passed, she helped foster and develop CSPA’s relationship with the Canadian Military as a member of the armed forces and as a military competitor. In more recent decades she has served as a National Teams Coach and as a  member of CSPA’s Long Term Athlete Development Group. Today, she continues as a member of the CNTC. Eileen is deserving of a Cathy Johnson Service Award.

2020 - Izzy Perry

Izzy has continuously helped grow the community by organizing events and hosting competitions and jumping with novices. Izzy also helps coaches and instructor candidates with practice jumpers and developing their skills for upcoming ratings. At the provincial level she has been an active member on the board of ASPA for ages and helped create and develop many skydiving projects, competitions and competitors effectively. She has also helped ASPA continue as an effective organization through thick and thin in the past.

On a national level, Izzy has worked diligently with CSPA and for CSPA in developing manuals and helping bridge the gap between the old and new thinking skydivers. She has helped us perpetuate our sport and allowed us to move head with open mindedness as well as keeping ware of safety practices and training techniques that have a proven track record.

I believe the people that are involved more directly with CSPA have seen how much work she has put in and the positive effects that she has created at the national level.

Open minded, well grounded, effectively helpful skilled instructor willing to facilitate all needs of individuals in our sport. Looking at where we would be at a dropzone level, the provincial level and the national level without her, there would be huge gaps in training, competition and fundamental support throughout our sport in Canada.

2019 - Jeff Dean

I recommend Jeff for his long years of service as an Instructor and Coach. He has been a member of the CWC for many years.  He has extensive service as a Coach, Instructor, Course Facilitator, PFF Instructor and Master Facilitator. Jeff is currently CWC’s Director of Courses. This award is long overdue as he is a very worthy recipient.

2018 - Rob MacNeill

Chair of the T&SC for 5 years, during this time he:

  1. Had the vision and leadership for major changes in the CSPA Rigging System, developing the plan and implementation.
  2. Established four permanent rigger training schools across Canada.
  3. Established a working relationship with civilian and military riggers, including cross-training.
  4. Came up with the idea of a Canadian symposium in conjunction with the military, and coordination of implementing this plan.
  5. Got Transport Canada to acknowledge the CSPA Rigging Program as the recognized standard for Canada.

2017 - Debbie Flanagan

She joined CSPA in 1989, has over 1500 jumps and 10 hours of skydiving. She obtained her C1, C2, JM, GCI, SSI, SSE, and PFFI ratings. While she is no longer jumping, she is continually contributing to the Association by volunteering endless hours, running a dropzone and sharing her knowledge and passion for the sport by serving on the Board of Directors. She became a member of the Board in 2012 and was nominated President in 2013 and remains President to date.

2017 - Jay Vanstone

He started jumping in 1977 and has accumulated over 3500 jumps and over 43 hours of skydiving. He holds a “C” CoP, C1, C2, JM, GCI, SSI, SSE and PFFI ratings. He joined CSPA Board of Directors in 2008 and is currently still volunteering his time and dedication to CSPA’s needs. He also serves as the liaison to the CanPara and T&SC committees. His commitment to our sport has and continues to contribute greatly to the growth of our Association.

2017 - Aidan Walters

Has served as a volunteer for over twenty years. Served on the CSPA Board of Directors and was President of the Association in the mid 90’s. Served as a rigger and instructor for many years. For decades has been a strong supporter of skydiving in Alberta and in particular in the canopy formation community. Instrumental in the development and the competitive skill level of canopy formation in Canada. Was a founding member of the Canadian Parabatics group and promoted 2-way CF and its rise in popularity. Assisted in the organization and promotion of competition and record attempts in Alberta including the hosting of the Nationals. Has worked as a coach, instructor and as a PFFI rated course conductor for a number of years.

2016 - Phil Perry

A long-time volunteer affectionately known as 'Major Dad', Phil has been an instructor, Coach, and mentor since the early nineties. A member of the Coaching Working Committee, he is also the CWC Ratings Processor. As well, he is a Course Facilitator and over his many years of skydiving has made a significant contribution to the sport.

2016 - Therese Tercier

Terri started her volunteer role as a club volunteer and instructor. In the early 90s she embarked on her judging career with a QE rating and then became a Provincial Judge in 1995. With dedication and perseverance she worked up through the judging hierarchy becoming an FAI Judge in 2002. During her twenty plus years of judging service she has represented Canada internationally and has judged at many Canadian and US Nationals. As well, in the past she has helped organize a CSPA AGM and has been a co-conduction of Qualified Evaluator Judge courses. Although she has now personally retired from jumping, she still continues to volunteer as a Judge both nationally and internationally. Due to her long service she is worthy of a Cathy Johnson Service Award.

2015 - Al Crawford

23 years with CSPA, Multiple coach and instructor ratings. A 'man of so many skills'. Highly respected by all jumpers and co-workers.

2015 - Nicolas Huard

Nicolas has been making a continuous contribution to our sport for many years. Some of his volunteer service includes: being on the CSPA Board of Directors from Quebec from 2008-2010 and 2011-2012; been the CoP processor for the past 8 years; been an instructor and coach since the mid 90s; has qualified and is an active CWC Course Facilitator.

2015 - Marcel Faguy

Marcel has been a sport enthusiast for 40 years. He has contributed to the sport and especially to skydiving in Quebec in numerous ways including as an instructor, club, and DZ organizer and a special event organizer, to name a few. His instructing and coaching work has spanned at least 35 years and is current a CWC Course Facilitator with numerous ratings.

2014 - Michel Lemay

A DZ Co-owner. Twenty plus years of extensive service as a coach and instructor. His energy and commitment has benefited the sport through co-organizing competitions including nationals, record attempts, special events and the provision of training facilities. Long term mentoring and an inspiration to sport parachuting both nationally and in the province of Quebec.

2014 - David Williamson

He started his service for the sport towards the end of the 70’s as a club executive and safety officer. As well, he volunteered as the Chair of CSPA’s Canadian Collegiate Sport Parachute League. In the 80’s he became a DZ operator and further served the sport with his instructor, coaching and rigger ratings. In the 90’s he served two terms as a CSPA National Director, was Vice President of the Association, and Chair of the Awards Committee. Currently he has extensive instructor and coach ratings and is a PFFI rating Course Conductor. Over his 30 plus years of service and the operation of his DZ he has made a significant contribution to the sport and to skydiving in the Maritimes.

2014 - Brian Forbes

Brian has been a member for twenty plus years. A skydiver who has specialized in helping others advance in the sport with his instructing and coaching skills. He has been a tireless volunteer always willing to lend a hand around his drop zone. Many students have benefitted from his commitment and mentoring skills. An example of a dedicated volunteer serving the sport he loves.

2013 - Charlie Markin

A U.S. Judge who has been a long time contributor to skydiving in Canada. His contribution started with officiating at BC competitions in the 1960's. He judged his first Canadian Nationals in the 1970's. He became an active member of the BC Sport Parachute Council and a perennial member of CSPA. For decades he has judged at Provincial competitions across Canada as well as having a perennial presence at CSPA National Championships. Although not a Canadian citizen, his consistent support for Canadian competition has been and continues to be a valuable contribution to Canadian Skydiving.

2013 -Scott McEown

Scott has been an active Instructor for approximately 15 years. He became an Instructor C1 Coach in 2000 and advanced to being a very experienced Course Facilitator. He has served on the Coaching Working Committee for at least four years and served as the CWC Coach and Instructor Rating Processor for a number of years. As an example of his dedication as a Course Facilitator he crisscrossed the country one year teaching 17 courses. He has shown an exemplary dedication and willingness to share knowledge and teach others.

2013 - Hazel Ibbs

Hazel started Judging in 1997. Through dedication and perseverance she progressed through the judging hierarchy towards her Provincial and National ratings and became an International Judge in 2005. During her service she has represented Canada internationally and has judged at many Canadian and US Nationals. As well, she has served on the Competition and National Teams Committee for a number of years. Throughout her dedication she has never made a skydive which makes her special involvement in our Sport one of pure service.

2012 - Scott MacDougall

Dedicated to the growth of the Sport for 20 plus years. Instructor, Coach, Club Executive and President. Local and regional event co-organizer including CSPA AGM's. Served three terms as a National Director of CSPA. Served four years as Vice President of the Association.

2012 - Rudy Jambrich

A long deserving volunteer who until the presentation of this award had gone unrecognized. Although most of his "heavy lifting" as a volunteer was done in the 1960's and 70's, his contribution was extraordinary and varied and included: a perennial supporter and volunteer at the club and provincial level; an instructor, rigger and seminar presenter; competition officiating at the Provincial and National level; equipment development through TSO documentation; Canpara contributions; Chair of the Technical, Training and Safety Committee through the 1970's; longstanding CSPA National Safety Officer. He recently obtained his QE Judge Rating in 2008/09.

2012 - John McCarthy

Instructor, Rigger and Style and Accuracy Coach; Member of the CSPA Coaching Working Committee from 1987 to 1991. Member of the CSPA Competition and National Teams Committee since 2006. Member and extensive contribution to the Long Term Athlete Development Committee including the Flight Plan project and Competition Development Coach Program pilot course. Also attendance on behalf of CSPA and the LTAD to various Sport Canada Leadership Conferences.

2011 - Don Stewart

A volunteer at the club level. In 2002 he became a CSPA Judge who then graduated to the International level and represented Canada internationally in 2005. Also a member of the CNTC Committee who specialized in the coordination and organization of Canada's National Teams competing internationally. As well, a volunteer involved in the upgrading and modernization of the CSPA web site. In addition, a volunteer who worked behind the scenes on CSPA's mailing list - the CSPA Forum.

2011 - Brian diCenzo

Approximately 30 years of coaching and instructing having trained thousands of new skydivers. An exhibition jump organizer with an extensive list of high profile exhibition jumps. An organizer of charity exhibition jumps. Responsible for exposing thousands to the sport and enhancing CSPA's image. Assisted CSPA committees in preparation of the PIMS. Worked as a test jumper for Irvin Industries. Assisted in organizing CANPOP record jumps and is the current Top CANPOP and organizer of two CANPOP Nationals.

2011 - Rina Gallo

A provincial volunteer as Treasurer of the BC Sport Parachute Council. Helped establish the Council on the internet. An experienced Judge for 15 years who has represented Canada at international competition including being Chief Judge at the 2009 World Cup of Formation Skydiving.  In 2010 became the first Canadian women to be a Chief Judge at a World Parachuting Championship.

2010 - André Lemaire

Chair of the Translation Committee for an extended period of time performing a vast amount of translation for the Association. His commitment and cooperation has enhanced CSPA's standing with our Francophone jump community by making available translated documents, articles and manuals. In addition his efforts have directly benefited CSPA and its relationship with Sport Canada and funding matters.

2010 - Ned Ambrus

For exemplary service including a high level of responsibility and commitment over an extended period of time as Editor of the national magazine Canpara.

2009 - Monique Andrie

Instructor and Rigger; Canpara photo/video editor; Chief Editor Canpara 1999 to 2001; Club executive and long term Treasurer of Alberta SPC; member CSPA CNT Committee.

2009 - Tara and Mike Pitt

DZ owner/operators whose energy and commitment has benefited the sport through seminars, record attempts, provincial and national competitions and training facilities.

2009 - Al McDonald

Instructor; Rigger; videographer for national team training; Rigger Instructor; member CSPA T&S Committee; contribution to the development of the Canadian para. equipment industry through both civilian and military manufacture; Cdn. rep at PIA.

2008 - Tom Buckler

Instructor; CSPA President and Board member; Canpara editor and development; CSPA data base development; Sport Canada funding liaison; Alberta Sport Parachute Council volunteer, competition, fundraising and technical support.

2008 - Mario Prévost

Member CSPA CWC; extensive translation; manual development; coaching and instructor

2008 - Jeff Gemmell

DZ Operator; Instructor; FS coaching and record attempt organizer; CSPA Nationals Meet Director.

2007 - John Davies

Rigger; BC Sport Para Council executive; organizer BC Summer Games; supporter and organizer local competition; member CSPA TS committee; Course Conductor.

2007 - Ian Flanagan

Instructor and rigger; DZ operator and host of CSPA Nationals; liaison for DZ operators; CSPA DOT liaison.

2007 - Tim Grech

Member and Chair CWC; President of CSPA and Board member; CWC manual development; Course Conductor.

2006 - Bryce MacFarlane

Instructor; videographer; promotion of the sport through his photography; tandem master.

2006 - John Stanley

Instructor, Rigger, videographer and coach; President of SPCO; enthusiastic support of the sport from instructing through to international competition; test jumper; mentor to many and supporter of fun skydiving

2006 - Francois Leblanc

For continued contributions to sport parachuting in the province of Quebec

2005 - Gary Butchart

Victoria BC DZ operator; instructor and rigger; member CSPA CWC; CSPA Course Conductor; CSPA manual development.

2005 - Daniel Paquette

DZ operator; instructor and rigger; national teams supporter and competitor; member C&NT Committee;

2005 - Lyal Waddell

Instructor and rigger; DZ operator, promoter skydiving in Alberta; organizer and host of provincial and national competitions; Coaching and development of canopy formation skydiving.

2004 - Laurie Duhamel

BC Sport Parachute Council executive; development of P&P manual for BCSPC; competition organizer and promoter of competitive skydiving in BC.

2004 - Richard Bennett

Member CSPA Competition Committee; Board of Director; Canpara supporter; CSPA Judge serving locally and internationally; representing Canada as chief Judge internationally; National Team delegation member; Nationals Meet Director; IPC delegate

2004 - Frank Arco

Three decades of supporting skydiving at the club level and in Ontario; Instructor and DZ operator; National Team delegation.

2003 - Mary Watson

Instructor and Rigger; CSPA Board of Director; President of CSPA ; Nationals organizer; Nationals Meet Director; CSPA Judge; C&NT Committee member.

2003 - Ken Watson

Instructor, pilot; rigger; member of TT&S Committee; COP Administrator.

2003 - Vera Asquith

Long serving CSPA Judge at the local to international level; special volunteer service even though a non-jumper herself.

2002 - Ron Dionne

Instructor and Rigger; Club officer and instrumental in good relations with military; member TT&S Committee; CSPA and FAI rated Judge; Canadian equipment manufacturer.

2002 - Robert Ledoux

Instructor and Rigger; CSPA Board of Director; long term club and DZ operator in Quebec; member of TT&S Committee; Course Conductor.

2002 - Robert Hutchinson

Instructor and Rigger; Course Conductor; CSPA Board of Director; Member of CWC; Manitoba Sport Parachute Council executive.

2001 - Keith Takayesu

National teams supporter and campaigner; Nationals ground to air video operation.

2001 - Bernard Parker

Instructor; Member CSPA Board of Directors; French translation.

2001 - Tom Pfeifer

Instructor and Rigger; Chair of Coaching Working Committee; Course Conductor; CSPA Nationals Meet Director; Rating and COP administration; Instructor course development.

2000 - Robert Mowry

Instructor and Rigger; DZ Operator; CSPA Board of Director; CSPA Awards Committee Chair; Course Conductor.

2000 - John Moore

Instructor; Coaching Working Committee member; Rating Administrator; Course Conductor; FS development and coaching.

2000 - Nelson Van Chesteing

CSPA Judge; Chief Judge Nationals; HOD for National Team; member of Competition and National Teams Committee; long time organizer National Para-Ski Championships and events in Quebec.

1999 - Dick Barber

USPA FAI Judge with long term attendance and support for CSPA Canadian Nationals.

1999 - Doreen West-Gemmell

Rigger; DZ operator; CSPA and FAI Judge; member C&NT Committee; Canadian Equipment Manufacturer.

1999 - Neil McGrath

Club executive; Instructor and rigger; member C&NT Committee; CSPA and FAI Judge.

1998 - Laureen Steinke

Instructor; Club Executive; Executive - BCSport Para Council; member of Competition and National Teams Committee; FAI International Judge; competition organizer.

1998 - Barbara Davies

Instructeur, directeur de club, directeur du BC Sport Parachuting Club, membre du CÉNC, juge international de la FAI, organisateur de compétition.

1997 - Thomas Noort

Member CSPA Board of Directors; CSPA VP; Insurance Rep; member National Teams Committee;

1997 - Dave Cooke

Long term dedication to the sport at the club and regional level. Founding member of Triangle Sky Divers. Instructor and Course Conductor.

1996 - Murray Stevens

CSPA Treasurer; instrumental in establishing CSPA presence on the Web and first Chat list; CSPA Web Master; CSPA Board of Director.

1996 - Paul Cooper

Club executive; CSPA Judge; Nationals Meet Director

1995 - Erik Roggenkamp

BoD member; President of CSPA; National Team HOD; liaison with Aero Club of Canada; CSPA and FAI rated Judge; Canadian POPS organizer.

1994 - R.J. Lucas

Instructor - long term dedication to the sport at the club and regional level.

1994 - Vic Borghese

Instructor and rigger; DZ operator; competition organizer; National Team delegation; Training camp host; team coach; member National Teams Committee.

1993 - Paule Clifford

Instructor; SPCO executive; creator of the SPCO RW Development Program

1992 - Pumps Griffin

Support of CSPA Nationals and National Teams

1991 - Tony Mercer

Instructor, Course Conductor and Master Course Conductor. Served on the CWC since its inception and was instrumental in the preparation and writing of numerous training and coach manuals

1991 - Betty Killeen

Long time volunteer at CSPA headquarters; CSPA National Judge; general support and volunteerism at numerous levels and events.

1991 - Joe Ablitt

Instructor; CSPA Board of Director; CSPA VP; Fund Raising; member C&NT Committee; Chair C&NT; ground to air video operator.

1990 - Michael Zahar

CSPA Board of Director; Rigger; Canadian equipment manufacturer; DZ operator; Competition Committee; fundamental contribution to the development of relative work competition at the International level; IPC delegate; National Teams Program Dir.

1990 - David Martin

Instructor; Rigger; member TT≻ Chair of TT≻ Rigger Course conductor; Canadian equipment manufacturer.

1990 - Duncan Grant

technical Director CSPA; Course Conductor; video support; Canpara production and support; extensive and instrumental work with Coaching Association of Canada and establishing CSPA's program

1989 - Rob Laidlaw

Instructor; Executive Manitoba SPC; member TTSC and CWC; Chair Coaching Working Committee; coaching and competitive support; extensive involvement in Coaching and instructional manual preparation; Course conductor.

1989 - Eric Bradley

Instructor; co-dz operator; jump pilot; member Coaching Working Committee; Chair CWC; Course Conductor

1989 - Gary Boyd

Instructor; member CSPA BoD; President of CSPA; member National Teams, Long Range Planning and Coaching Working Committees; National Teams Delegation member; Course Conductor.

1988 -Thomas Simpson

Instructor; club and competition service; extensive service in support of skydiving in northern BC

1988 - Barry McAuley

Rigger; member TSC Committee; Chair BCSPC; editor BC Newsletter; CSPA and FAI Judge; IPC alternate delegate

1988 - Peter Landry

Instructor and rigger; Club executive; Head of Delegation - National Team; member TSC committee; long time Meet Director for CSPA Nationals

1987 - Red Deer Toyota

Supporter of the 1986 Nationals.

1986 - Monark Sports / Elan

Supporter of National Parachute Team

1986 - Glide Path

Spporter of National Parachute Team

1985 - Norm Meyers

Instructor; Ontario club and provincial volunteer; member CSPA BoD; jump pilot; author of Guide for Jump Pilots; Aerosports and RCFCA liaison.

1985 - Floyd Martineau

First member to represent Canada in International competition; strong supporter of parachuting in southern Ontario; tireless supporter of club activities; by example fostered many responsible members in CSPA.

1985 - Irvin Industries

Canadian Parachute Manufacturer; Contributor to Canadian sport parachuting since 1948; supporter of local and regional competitions; Nationals Teams supporter and contributor.

1984 - St. Catherines Parachute Club

Oldest continually operating club in Canada - 35 years; founding club in Parachute Club of Canada; host of National and Provincial Championships; Charter member of SPCO; host of first Canadian POP meet.

1984 - John Brekelmans

Instructor; Sport Parachute Clubs of Ontario Executive; CSPA President and BOD; TT&SC member; Insurance, bylaws and Constitution development and modernization.

1984 - Eric Bradley

Instructor; co-dz operator; jump pilot; member Coaching Working Committee; Chair CWC; Course Conductor.

1983 - Joe Chow

Instructor and Rigger; DZ Operator; CSPA MOT Liaison Officer; Club Safety Officer; Executive - Ontario Sport Parachute Council; HOD National Teams.

1983 - Horst Pfaus

Instructor and Rigger; Club executive; TT&SC Chair; CWC member; CSPA Ground to air video development; photography and taping for instructor manual development; Nationals Director; Safety Seminar org; RCFCA liaison.

1982 - Bob Wright

Innovative DZ Operator; Training Coordinator for U. of West. Ontario and Swoop; Rigger and Instructor Course administrator; Executive Ontario Sport Parachute Council; TT&SC member; Evaluator 'Buddy Jump' Training and Safety Seminar Participant.

1982 - Tom McCarthy

Instructor and Rigger; DZ Operator; National Team Coach and Delegation member; T&SC Committee member; Coaching Working Committee member; National Teams Committee member

1980 - Carol Wightman

Instructor and Rigger; Club executive - Carlton University Parachute and Ottawa Sport Parachutists; Canpara Chief Editor and production; PIM Two, Instructor and Rigger manuals production.

1980 - Howard Sommerfield

CSPA Board of Director; National Instructor Examiner and National Rigger Examiner; TT&SC Member; Canpara production volunteer; member CWC; instrumental in PIM Two and Instructor and Rigger Manual prep: founding member - Carlton Univ. Parachute Club

1978 - Raymond Ward

Instructor and rigger; extensive club and provincial volunteer in BC; Competition organizer; established high profile Demo Team; competition director

1978 - Gerry Vida

Instructor; liaison CSPA and Skyhawks/military; Chair TSC; Rigger Instructor.

1978 - Wally McLellan

Club, Provincial and National volunteer; CSPA Board of Director; President of CSPA; Natioinals Meet Director; organizer of special events

1978 - Lloyd Kallio

Instructor and rigger; Club administration; executive of Sport Parachuting Clubs of Ontario; DZ operator.

1978 - Tom Humes

Long serving volunteer in Nova Scotia parachuting; Executive Nova Scotia Para Assoc; Area Safety Officer; DZ operator; Member CSPA Board of Directors; regional support for Canpara; CPSA Collegiate Coordinator.

1978 - John Chemello

Avid supporter of National Teams; FAI rated Judge; 1st Cdn. IPC Judge at a World Parachuting Championship; National Team Delegate and official

1978 - Bert Brown

Instructor; Rigger; Area Safety Officer; CSPA Judge; extensive support at the club and regional level.

1974 - Glenn R. Masterson

Father of Canadian Parachuting"; pioneer of the sport; Instructor; founding member St. Catharines Club; founding Director - PCC; CSPA Director; Ontario Sport Achievement Award; CSPA DOT liaison; competed 1st Cdn Nationals; National Team member.

1967 - Tom Cox

Member Board of Director; CSPA President; World Parachuting Committee; CSPA Nationals organizer; National Safety Officer; Nationals Official.