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Join or Renew

New Skydivers

CSPA Skydivers

Coaches and Instructors, you can find the annual revalidation form for ratings at the bottom of this page!

Joining CSPA as a Registered Participant allows you the ability to skydive around the world at any FAI affiliated dropzone.

Affiliation fees are non-refundable.

Affiliation also includes:

  • access to $5M Third Party Liability Insurance
  • access to a max. $15,000 from the Defence Fund
  • our magazine, CanPara (5-6 times a year, Canada & US residents only)
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit of $2000
  • the ability to progress as a certifed skydiver and earn other ratings
  • access to our Parachutist Information Manuals
  • access to Technical & Safety bulletins
  • awards and certificates
  • guidance for conduction competitions and events
  • representation to government and related organizations
  • and many other benefits!

You can access your profile to:

  • Renew your affiliation
  • Charge your contact information
  • Verify your affiliation status
  • Download your CSPA Affiliation card

Note: in order to be affiliated with CSPA, you will need to assign your voting privileges to a Member (DZ, club, or association) of CSPA.