In this section you will find information about the order in which the basic skills should be learned. It is a 20 stage program that is detailed in PIM 2A and PIM 2B, taking a person from the second jump up to the point that they can manage their own skydiving direction.

The Progression Model is made up of the Skydiving Skills Model plus Technical Knowledge. This model groups the skills into three categories of difficulty:

  • Basic - PIM 2A Manual and Grid
  • Recreational - PIM 2B Manual and Grid
  • Advanced - PIM 2C Manual

See PIM manuals here.

The Skydiving Skills Grid shows the five skill categories with vertical breaks indicating the suggested stages of progression. This modular approach has many benefits. The main one is that it provides a structured program that still allows for individual flexibility for each participant. Flexibility within reason is allowed so long as no skill or group of skills is omitted. Major deviations from the program are not recommended for safety reasons. Consult a qualified CSPA Coach or Instructor for more information.

Students must be trained on an individual basis according to ability, and must never be allowed to progress beyond their capabilites. To do so has proven hazardous.

An accurate and detailed briefing, observation and debriefing are essential for every student on every jump, if they are expected to learn at their maximum rate.

Students must always strive for perfection in their performance. A conscientious coach/instructor will demand perfection from their student as the basis for advancement. Emphasis must never be placed on quantity of jumps. Quality of performance is essential prior to advancement.

A table taken from the PIMs in 1980, is still relevant today about the characteristics of a skydiver's level of knowledge:


First Jump to B CoP                                              Eager to learn and improve skills
B CoP holder Often over confident...dangerous
C CoP holder Knows everything in the world about skydiving
D CoP holder Begins to realize how much more there is to learn about the sport. Usually self confident and competent.