Skydiving School Examiner (SSE)

Skydiving School Examiner (SSE)


The new Skydiving School Examiner (SSE) position will serve to replace two roles of the old Instructor B not covered by the Skydiving School Instructor rating (SSI).

There is no course to take for qualified applicants to become an SSE. Interested and qualified applicants shall work under the mentorship of a certified SSE in the field on several tasks. Once these tasks are completed and the corresponding portfolio is then sent in to CSPA, along with the standard $45 rating processing fee that is built in to all our existing courses.


The privileges of this rating are to:


  • Act as the Chief Instructor for CSPA member group affiliation requirements
  • Act as Certificate Administrator or Log Book Examiner for CoPs (may only administer D CoP if they have a D)
  • Act as Exhibition Jump Rating Examiner (EJRE) if already possessing an EJR, administer the EJR exam


  • Administer and Sign Off Night Endorsement
  • Administer and Sign Off Water Endorsement
  • Administer and Sign off EPR (Emergency Procedures Review) for B & C CoPs


Qualify for the Course Facilitator (CF) Training Seminar (upon reaching 1000 jumps, D CoP and C2 Certified)


  • SSI Certified
  • GCI Certified
  • certified in either JM or C2
  • CSPA "C" CoP

Practical Requirements

  • Candidates obtain Portfolios from the CSPA website and then work on completing portfolio tasks, upon completion the portfolio is to be mailed to CSPA with appropriate signatures and the $45 CSPA rating fee for certification.
  • The following practical requirements for the SSE portfolio must be met within one (1) year of completing the training course:
  • Write the A, B & C CoP exams, open book. Corrected by supervising SSE to 100%
  • Administer a CoP exam (and record in Portfolio the name of person taking exam, date, score, supervising person)
  • Receives the Night & Water Endorsement (if the candidate has not received them before) by the supervising instructor
  • Receive instruction on administering the Night & Water Endorsement briefings through practical demonstration of giving the endorsements
  • Receives EPR endorsement briefing/info from the supervising instructor relevant to EPR B & C through practical demonstration of giving the endorsements


  • Submit to CSPA:
  • completed SSE Portfolio
  • within one (1) year of start
  • $45.00 payment of course fee