Jump Master (JM)

Jump Master (JM)


The Jump Master (JM) Instructor rating is new in 2005. It replaces the former Instructor A rating for dispatching skydiving students.


The privileges of this rating are to:

  1. Dispatch
    • students using the Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) or Static Line (SL) method
    • freefall students
  2. Supervise
    • student parachutists from Pre-level to Stage 4 of the Basic Skills Grid in the GFF program
  3. Assist
    • the SSI in teaching the FJC under direct supervision
  4. Signoff
  5. Certify
  6. Qualify


The prerequisites for the training course are:

  • Coach 1 trained (Note: must be C1 certified prior to receiving the JM Portfolio)
  • CSPA "B" CoP
  • 125 jumps
  • observe role of JM on two different loads
  • Pre-course homework 

Course Curriculum

The course is normally held over a full three day period. Typically starting on a Friday and completing at the end of the weekend.

The course is divided into the following modules:

  1. Administration - overview, BSR exam, written quiz, interviews
  2. Rules & Recommendations - BSR and Technical Recommendations pertaining to students
  3. Instructor Techniques - Coach 1 review, skill analysis
  4. Student Supervision - IAD and FF students - preparation to debrief
  5. Progression - FJC, gradual, endorsements
  6. Unusual Situations - topics that a JM must be alert to, developing safety routines


Evaluations on this course are:

  1. Dispatching - evaluations of candidate dispatching FF and IAD students
  2. Skill Analysis - perform freefall and canopy control analysis
  3. Teaching Tasks - teach a freefall and canopy control task, debrief task
  4. Written - BSR exam, knowledge quiz
  5. Safety Checks - 100% compliance

Practical Requirements

Prior to dispatching without supervision, dispatch 6 students by IAD/SL methods under the direct supervision of a Senior JM.

Prior to dispatching without supervision, dispatch 6 students under the direct supervision of a Senior JM or PFFI. ***JMR ONLY

Within one year of the JM course:

  • Supervise and dispatch 25 students by the IAD or SL methods
  • Supervise and dispatch 25 freefall students (JMR only)
  • Complete JM portfolio requirements

Makeups must be completed satisfactorily prior to dispatching of "real" students.


To achieve certified status, submit to CSPA within 1 year, the following documents:

  • a completed JM portfolio with SSE signoff

JM (Restricted)

The JM (Restricted) rating does not allow for the JM to dispatch IAD/SL students. All other privileges of the JM are retained.


  1. What documents do I need for the course?
  • CSPA Affiliation card showing C1 certification
  • Jump Master Reference Manual
  • Latest versions of PIM 1 and PIM 2A which can be downloaded here.
  • Reserve Packing Card for your personal equipment.