Skydiving School Instructor (SSI)

Skydiving School Instructor (SSI)


The Skydive School Instructor (SSI) is a new CSPA Instructor rating in 2005. This is due to the changing role of this instructor from that of the old Instructor B rating. The name change also better defines the job of this instructor to the person interested in learning how to skydive. The CWC recognizes that there are potential instructors who would like to contribute to their club, center or dropzone by teaching the ground school of the various first jump courses available. And these skydivers were not interested in dispatching students.

The future of parachuting in Canada is very closely tied to how many individuals once introduced to skydiving will wish to continue in the sport. The quality of the first jump course has a significant influence on retention rates and, after all, it is here that the initial groundwork for everyone's jumping career is laid. Clearly the Skydiving School Instructor has a key role in this area.


The privileges of this rating are to:

  1. Conduct

    • Skydiving Ground School courses for FJC, PFF, and TAFF programs

  2. Administer

    • SOLO Certificate test

  3. Certify

  4. Qualify

Note: This rating does not allow the SSI to dispatch students


The prerequisites for the training course are:

  • Coach 1 trained (Note: must be C1 certified to receive the SSI portfolio)
  • CSPA "B" CoP
  • 200 jumps
  • completed SSI Pre-course Journal to include:
    • observe 2 FJC within the last year
    • taught 2 modules of the FJC under direct supervision of a senior SSI
    • completed the course preparation review

Course Curriculum

The training course is normally held over a full three day period. Typically starting on a Friday and completing at the end of the weekend.

The aim of this course is to prepare the Instructor candidate to give first jump training to parachuting students. This course is not a flying course. There are no skydiving skills to be demonstrated and little time will be spent on the mechanics of skydiving.

In this course, the candidate will:

  • learn basic information on how groups and individuals learn
  • learn how to promote learning
  • learn how to guide and handle both students and more experienced skydivers and how to apply these new ideas and skills in skydiving situations
  • review the progression sequence as outlined on the skydiving skills grids
  • practice and develop various strategies in a positive learning environment.
  • prepare a classroom area and ensure that the environment is conducive to productive learning
  • prepare material, and present it in a group situation

Practical Requirements

The practical requirements for this rating are to be completed within 1 year of the training course. This is to conduct a minimum of three First Jump courses, totaling a minimum of 10 students while being directly supervised by a senior SSI


To achieve certified status, submit to CSPA within 1 year, the following documents:

  • a completed SSI Portfolio with SSE signoff