Learning Facilitator

Learning Facilitator

For a list of current learning facilitiators, click here.


An active Learning Facilitator list is maintained by the CWC, CSPA National Office and through this website. This list is amended annually at the spring meeting of the committee.


  • Conduct coach/instructor training at level certified
  • Qualify for Master Learning Facilitator
  • Recommend other coaches/instructors for Learning Facilitator training


  • Certified Coach 2, SSE, and GCI
  • Either JM or PFFI Certified
  • D CoP
  • 1000 jumps
  • Have observed and assisted on a C1 course in the last 2 years
  • Completed the LF Nomination/Application form (below) for consideration for acceptance on the next LF Training Seminar

In addition the Learning Facilitator candidate must possess at least the following qualities and experience:

  • Proven teaching experience
  • A wide range of coaching and instructional experience
  • Good assessment skills
  • Extensive technical knowledge
  • Skills as a facilitator
  • Administrative ability
  • Ability to process paperwork
  • Ability to modify programs in order to meet individual needs.
  • A commitment to the coaching system and CSPA

Additional specific requirements for higher ratings are:

  • PFF Learning Facilitator : must be Instructor PFF certified and Coach 2 Course Facilitator and either Jump Master Learning Facilitator or SSI Learning Facilitator.

Application and Selection Procedure

The CWC determines when a Learning Facilitator Seminar is required. Under such circumstances, the CWC will generate a list of candidates through contact with the Learning Facilitators and DZO’s. However, suitably qualified candidates, upon receiving a recommendation from a current Learning Facilitator, may apply in writing to the Chair of the CWC at any time. All names will be kept on a list, and invitations to the next Learning Facilitator Seminar will be sent to the selected candidates.


Initially, candidates must attend the Learning Facilitator Seminar. It is highly recommended that prior to the seminar they should have assisted with or at least audited a Coach 1 course. The seminar takes three days, is under the direction of a MCC. Travel and hotel costs are paid by CSPA. It includes an introduction to the CSPA system, an analysis of the role of the course facilitator, and a simulated delivery of the Coach 1 Course. The candidates will be asked to demonstrate a high level of facilitation and teaching skills.

On successful completion of the seminar, the candidate is designated as a Learning Facilitator in Training. The Facilitator in Training proceeds to Coach 1 certification by a process that includes the supervised delivery of the course, and a challenge for upgrading. A graduate of the seminar must assist within one year and challenge within two years. Candidates with experience and who perform exceptionally well in the seminar may receive a recommendation to go directly to challenge status. The process is shown schematically below:



* When assisting on a course, the Learning Facilitator in Training must deliver a minimum of 50 % of the core course material. To proceed to the Challenge level, the CCIT must receive a recommendation from the supervising Learning Facilitator.

** When challenging, the Learning Facilitator in Training must deliver a minimum of 75 % of the core material (to include all areas not taught in the assist phase) and be the main facilitator in the course. A letter of recommendation from the last course facilitator must include a summary of the performance.

Progressing to Higher Levels

Assist : For all levels above Coach 1, the candidate will assist a current Learning Facilitator and deliver a minimum of 50 % of the core course material, or attend a seminar covering 100% of the content, or work directly with a Master Learning Conductor previewing the course content. After a positive evaluation and recommendation by the supervising facilitator, the candidate may challenge for upgrading.

Challenge : Challenges for upgrading at Level 1 (Coach 1 and Jump MasterJump Master) are evaluated by a MCC or an experienced Learning  Facilitator designated by the MCC. At Level 2 (Coach 2, SSI, and PFF) the evaluation will be conducted by a MCC. Where possible, the designate should be a different Learning Facilitator to the one who provided the recommendation for challenge. If the challenge is successful, the MCC (or designate) will send an evaluation sheet to the Director of Learning Facilitators. The Director will review the Learning Facilitator's status (paperwork, evaluations, etc.) and inform the challenging facilitator if they may now deliver the challenged program. The Learning Facilitator is formally designated as certified at the next meeting of the CWC. The information is then forwarded to the National Office and to the Rating Processor who updates the CAC list.

The CWC highly recommends that the new Learning Facilitator sets a limit of 4 candidates for the challenge and for the initial "solo" course.

If the challenge performance is deemed unsatisfactory, the Facilitator in Training may continue to assist with, where possible, a different current Learning Facilitator. After further experience and upon recommendation, a second challenge may be made. If on the second challenge, the Facilitator's performance is still deemed unsuitable, the candidate will no longer be considered for advancement.

CSPA, when possible, will cover the airfare and/or travelling expenses of the Master Learning Facilitator/supervising designate. The Challengee (through course fees) is responsible for the accommodation ,food and honorarium of the Master Learning Facilitator/supervising designate.

The recommended sequence for progression to higher courses is as follows:



* Before progressing to level 2, the Learning Facilitator must have demonstrated superior course conducting skills at level 1.

** To become a PFF Learning Facilitator, the candidate must be certified as both a Coach 2 and either an SSI or Jump Master Learning Facilitator

Note : The above progression does not preclude a Learning Facilitator from observing, acting as an evaluator, and assisting at a higher level (e.g. SSI) prior to being certified at a lower level (e.g. Jump Master).

Rating Maintenance

  • Teach each course the LF is rated for at least once and complete 75 jumps (for freefall ratings) in a 3-year period.
  • Maintaining currency as an LF maintains currency as a SSE
  • Note that the CWC's Policy and Procedures manual contains additional details on currency and revalidation.