Ground Control Instructor

Ground Control Instructor


The Ground Control Instructor (GCI) rating was introduced in 2005. The role of the GCI is to provide ground control to student parachutists using any combination of CSPA approved ground control methods


The privileges of this rating are to:

  1. Conduct
    • student canopy guidance
  2. Supervise
    • student canopy guidance progression
  3. Signoff
    • canopy control tasks for Solo Certificate


Training and Practical Requirements

  • Candidates must acquire a GCI portfolio and follow the outlined learning process. A theory module must be taken from a Course Facilitator and this module is available as part of the Coach 1 course (if the CF wishes to add this to the existing curriculum) on the SSI or JM courses (again CF’s may or may not offer this module on these courses depending on the prior ratings of the course candidates) or as a standalone module with a CF (so long as the candidate has their C1). The next step (which can also be done prior to the theory module) is to observe (observation only) 25 student landings that are guided by an experienced and certified GCI. The final step which may only be done after both prior steps are complete is to now provide ground control to 25 more student landings while under the direct supervision and immediate presence of an experienced and certified GCI.


This rating must be verified and signed by an SSE in the Ground Control Instructor Portfolio and submitted to CSPA within 1 year of the issuing of the GCI portfolio.