Progressive Freefall Instructor (PFFI)

Progressive Freefall Instructor (PFFI)


This training will be completed at a clinic at a CSPA dropzone with a recognized conductor. Prerequisites include having completed the Coach 2 and either the Jump Master or Skydiving School Instructor training courses, and being certified in one. Candidates have the option of completed a pre-course module if they are not a JM or a SSI (Contact the CF_PFFI directly). Following the clinic, the PFF Instructor practical component involves jumping with student parachutists in the PFF role.


The privileges of this rating are to:

  1. Conduct

    • PFF training programs

    • First Jump PFF jump training if SSI certified

    • First Jump PFF jumps as Main Side if PFFI certified

  2. Supervise

    • progression of PFF students and jumps

  3. Signoff

    • practical requirements for Solo Certificate

  4. Certify

    • Solo Checkout Jump endorsement


  • Coach 2 Certified
  • certified in either JM or SSI, or pre-course module
  • observe 2 complete FJC within last year
  • CSPA "C" CoP
  • 600 jumps - recommended 800 jumps
  • 6 hours accumulated freefall time - recommended 8 hours

Practical Requirements

The following practical requirements for the PFFI's portfolio must be met within 1 year of completing the training course:

  • perform 25 PFF jumps; at least 10 must be in the Reserve role (suggested)
  • complete the requirements of the PFFI Portfolio


Submit to CSPA:

  • completed PFFI Portfolio with SSE signoff
  • complete and submit GCI portfolio