Emergency Procedures Review Solo

Emergency Procedures Review Solo

Emergency Procedures Review "SOLO"

Address the five areas of the Skills Grid:


  • Weather
  • Forgotten equipment (i.e. don't find yourself at the plane with no alti, develop a gear up routine)


  • Aircraft emergencies
  • Emergency exit altitudes for main & reserve
  • When to shut off AAD's on an unplanned descent in the aircraft
  • Sickness
  • Main/reserve deployments in aircraft or on climb out


  • Malfunctions
  • Other equipment (altimeter, goggles)
  • Stability around pull
  • Traffic problems

Canopy Control

  • Correctible situations
  • Low speed malfunctions
  • Two canopies out scenarios
  • Traffic on opening, traffic on landing
  • Obstacles
  • Turbulence
  • Landing in the wrong direction
  • Who to talk to when you want to learn to ‘swoop'


  • Poorly fitting gear
  • Damage on opening
  • AAD misfire