Sport Canopy B

Sport Canopy B

This endorsement is more focused on appropriate intermediate knowledge about downsizing, canopy types and information that will prepare skydivers for Canopy Formation (CF), downsizing, improved landing patterns and purchasing equipment. SCE B should also review SCE A material.

SSE’s and Coach 2’s should do a thorough review of the SCE A prior to the administration of the SCE B during this review. The endorsement should be mostly question based, with the coach confirming the parachutist’s SCE A knowledge rather than re-teaching it.

A novice's introduction to sport canopies is a crucial part of their survival training. One of the highest incidents of fatalities in the sport of parachuting in the past 10 years has been under a perfectly functioning canopy. It is important that coaches and instructors educate intermediate skydivers as early as possible in the art of safe and efficient canopy flight, as these are the most formative and dangerous moments of their skydiving career.

SCE B is where the parachutist receives more information on downsizing, different types of canopies and their characteristics, further develops their canopy skills, learns a deeper knowledge of how to better deal with canopy collisions and dual deployments, and understands what type of equipment they should be looking to purchase.

Outlined below is a list of canopy control skills that a novice needs to be taught and have demonstrated. These skills are required to be signed off for the “Sport Canopy “B” Endorsement” required for the B CoP. Additionally, these are skills that should be done prior to and after downsizing.

  1. Complete 10 self-guided, stand-up, safe accuracy landings to within 15 m of target.
  2. Land on, or discuss landing on, an upslope or downslope
  3. Land downwind
  4. Braked approach
  5. Coordinated turns