Sport Canopy - Introduction

Sport Canopy - Introduction

The transition from round canopies to square (ram-air) canopies in all areas of the sport, including the first jump, has led to the need to clearly specify what constitutes suitable training to fly ram-air canopies safely. Although the first jump course provides enough information to safely handle a student ram-air, further training and information is required prior to leaving the forgiveness of the student canopy and moving on to the less forgiving higher performance ram-air canopies. This endorsement was originally created in 1997 and has now been further expanded to make a safer environment for novice and experienced skydivers.

CSPA has developed the requirement for all jumpers to transition through the SCE system with specific training and skills requirements to be met along the way. This is to ensure a safe transition during their training for all jumpers and to assist in their overall skills development and awareness. The SCE system is broken down so as to not overwhelm the novice and to gradually provide canopy knowledge appropriate to the level of the jumper. The A CoP is more focused on survival skills and improving accuracy whereas the B & C CoP cover knowledge that will help refine knowledge and improve accuracy as well as more appropriate information related to the canopy types / sizes that skydivers will be flying, and the experience they will need for those types of canopies as they start downsizing to smaller canopies.

Coach 2’s and SSE’s have the privilege of administering and signing off this endorsement. Coach 1’s, and SSI’s are part of the teaching process on the way to completion of the endorsement.

Coaches and novices should reference PIM 2B Section 6, Sections 6.2 through 6.8.2, for additional information beyond what is covered here.

As canopy incidents are the leading cause of death and injury in the sport of parachuting it is highly recommended that you also seek appropriate canopy coaching from a qualified and experienced coach. Canopy control courses can be a very good supplement to these endorsements.