Picking a Dropzone

Picking a Dropzone

Online reprint from CanPara
August-September 2016

Written by: Michelle Matte-Stotyn

Ever wonder why CSPA makes you choose a drop zone when you renew your affiliation? There are many misconceptions about why CSPA does this, so we thought we would take a minute to clear up a couple of them!

Misconception #1: Where you are allowed to jump

Choosing a drop zone when you affiliate with CSPA has NO bearing on where you are allowed to jump. If you affiliate with dropzone A, you can still jump at dropzone B, or C. We encourage you to travel and visit new drop zones and make new friends. Socialization is once of the beauties of our sport!

Misconception #2: I don’t have to choose a drop zone

In the past, we had a category called “Member at Large”. This category no longer exists due to CSPA’s new structure and bylaws as a result of Canada’s Not-For-Profit Act. We now only have one category, Registered Participant, and you are required to choose a drop zone upon affiliation and renewal.

What your choice of dropzone actually means

CSPA is a structured non-profit association with voting members and non-voting participants. The Voting Members consist of the drop zones, Provincial Sport Organizations, and the Clubs. The non-voting participants are YOU, the Registered Participant affiliated with CSPA.

Voting Members vote on affairs that affect CSPA, including bylaws, how CSPA spends its money, etc. Voting Members carry 1, 2 or 3 votes. Their number of votes is determined by how many Registered Participants (YOU!) affiliate with them. The more RPs, the more votes they have.

So, when you choose a drop zone to affiliate with, you’re actually entrusting the drop zone to vote on your behalf with regards to affairs of the association. So we encourage you to talk with your DZOs and Presidents and learn about what sorts of affairs they vote on and be more apart of the association!