Safety Management System (Rigger)

Safety Management System (Rigger)

The integration of an aviation Safety Management System (SMS) was integrated into the existing AIM system by CSPA back in 2014, following suit with the aviation industry since the previous paradigm of regulatory enforcement (fines and license suspension/removal) against aviation personnel would not deliver the needed improvements to aviation safety. While initially put into place for AIM reports, the CSPA has elected to open a new process for rigging irregularities.

The Rigger SMS was created as a means to assist and educate Canadian riggers on irregularities that are reported to CSPA. Corrective action plans are then put in place and riggers are notified to ensure that instances are not repeated. These recommendations will be sent to all Canadian riggers on a semi-annual basis. This process was previously followed by the T&SC but had been abandoned several decades ago, due to changes in the T&SC focus.

The CSPA rigging program teaches the concept of good rigging ethics, which includes, but is not limited to, being able to communicate rigger-to-rigger when irregularities are found on inspections. The Rigger SMS is intended to be used if irregularities are discovered and unresolved using good rigging ethics. In addition, it is a process to educate riggers on issues and procedures.

All personal information will remain anonymous, and only redacted reports will be sent for review. The reporting process is not considered a formal complaint and will only be used for educational purposes.

Please use the form to submit a rigging irregularity you have found to CSPA. Please note that incomplete or inappropriate applications will not be reviewed.