Coach 1

Coach 1

The Coach 1 is the entry level to the CSPA rating system. The Coach 1's role is to assist novices in acquiring basic skills. The novice skydivers have learned their survival skills but are not ready for their introduction to Formation Skydiving (Relative Work). The Coach 1 is there to challenge the novices and prevent them from going off on their own and teaching themselves the next skills, or worse, doing something beyond their ability which can lead to a dangerous situation. Novices will see the Coach 1 as a friend who they can relate to and share their new learning experiences. They can get valuable feedback on how to improve their individual skills.

The Ground Control Instructor Course can be run as an additional module on any Coach 1 course.

Roles & Tasks

  • Assist any Instructor with students on Basic Skills Grid, under direct supervision
  • Assist any Coach 2 with novices
  • Coach Solo Certificate skydivers progressing through Novice Progression – Basic on the Skills Grid
  • Sign off accuracy, solo manoeuvers, and canopy control for A CoP
  • Assist with training toward Main Packing endorsement


  1. CSPA "B" CoP
  2. Observe role of a Coach 1 on the dropzone
  3. Provide a video tape of a Manoeuver series for evaluation before the course. The jump must be within the last 12 months (confirmed by a logbook entry and signed by the cameraman), in which the following are demonstrated (as per PIM 2A) on the same jump (within 30 seconds). Dive out to the camera (half second delay)
    • Dive out to the camera (half second delay)
    • Back Loop
    • Front Loop
    • Right Barrel Roll
    • Left Barrel Roll
    • Delta
    • Back Slide
    • 180º Turn and Track
    • emphasis is on proper execution of each rotation and the precision of headings rather than the speed of rotations
  4. age of majority

Course Curriculum

The training course is normally held over a full three day period. Typically starting on a Friday and completing at the end of the weekend. Considerable flexibility is built into the course as dropzone demands and weather dictate.

The course is divided into modules:

  1. Introduction - Course overview, CSPA Coaching System Overview
  2. Coaching Techniques - methods of coaching novice skydivers
  3. Skydiving Skills - techniques necessary to analyze skill performance in air
  4. Technical Knowledge - theoretical knowledge a coach must know
  5. Safety - topics that a coach must be alert to, developing safety routines
  6. Ethics - ethical decision making
  7. Course Summary - written quiz, interviews


Evaluations on this course are:

  1. Coaching Ability - Complete 3 evaluation jumps in air coaching role
  2. Skill Analysis - Evaluated on performance on freefall and canopy control
  3. Teaching Task - Teach a freefall and technical knowledge task and debrief performance
  4. Skydiving Skills -
    • Demonstrate separation through tracking
    • Demonstrate close proximity exits
    • Manoeuvre series (video)
    • Demonstrate controlled accuracy approach
  5. Equipment Skills - Demonstrate systematic main packing
  6. Written - Teaching task lesson plan, written quiz

The minimum pass criteria for the Coaching Ability (3 separate evaluation jumps) is 80%.

The minimum pass criteria for the Written Quiz is 80%.


The following practical requirements for the coach's portfolio must be met within 1 year of completing the training course:

  • Complete 3 "hello to good-bye" coach contacts. The final contact is to be observed and debriefed by a certified Coach 2 on the ground and in air.
  • Have a minimum of 75 jumps of any kind
  • pass the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation
  • complete all tasks within one calendar year
  • complete and submit C1 portfolio

If the coach is unable to complete the practical requirements within one year, a request for a rating extension must be made, explaining why the practical was not completed. This must be made in writing to the CSPA office.

Failure to file the request or complete the requirements after the extension date will lapse the rating and result in removal from the Coach 1 registry.

Online Ethics Module

Before you can begin the online NCCP Make Ethical Decisions module, you will need to have your NCCP number. This number is assigned by the NCCP (not CSPA) and you would have received it by email if you have one. The NCCP# is not registered until a minimum of 2-3 weeks after the course. Please wait at least this long before contacting the CSPA Ratings Processor.

If you do not have one, please contact the CSPA Ratings Processor at [email protected]

Include in your message the following information:

  1. Name,
  2. CSPA Number
  3. Course Dates
  4. Course Facilitator.

When you have your NCCP number, follow the instructions in your Coach 1 Portfolio to complete the “Making Ethical Decisions – Instruction Stream” Module.

The evaluation can take at least one hour to complete. You may quit the module in order to continue when it's more convenient without losing your place.

The module only allows two attempts at successfully completing the evaluation. If both attempts are unsuccessful, you will be required to participate in a Make Ethical Decision module (not through CSPA) in order to access the online evaluation for another two attempts.

Once you have successfully completed the online evaluation, your file on the NCCP Database will be automatically updated. To view your transcript online, return to the NCCP Login website.

If you experience any technical difficulties or you have any questions about the technology being used, contact the CAC Coordinator of Information Systems


To achieve certified status, submit to CSPA within 1 year, the following document:

  1. completed C1 portfolio with SSE signoff.

Maintenance of Certification

The Currency Requirements for Coach 1 can be found here.

Contact the CSPA Ratings Processor ([email protected])  if there are any questions on Currency Requirements.


1. What do I need to bring?

  • Bring paper to write on. A three ring binder works well to organize paperwork
  • Regular dropzone clothing
  • A valid CSPA affiliation card must be presented for verification with proof of B CoP
  • Logbook(s)
  • Personal skydiving gear in good condition, with reserve in date
  • Latest copies of PIM 1, PIM 2A and PIM 2B. These can be downloaded here.
  • Jumpsuit. Sweat shirt and pants is not acceptable
  • Proof of completed course pre-requisite jump. Signed logbook or video is acceptable

2. What should I read before the course?

  • Read and do the questions in the Coach 1 Workbook.
  • Read PIM 2A. Pay specific attention to the topics from Stages 5-8 of the Basic Skills Grid.