Rigger Currency

Rigger Currency

Instructions for Riggers

Effective January 1, 2024, riggers will be required to complete and submit the Rigger Rating Maintenance and Revalidation Form with their annual CSPA Affiliation Renewal. Changes have been made to the annual requirements specific to rigger rating levels. We ask that you review the changes and ensure that over the 2023 year, you successfully meet or exceed the requirements to maintain your rigger rating in 2024. Requirements to keep accurate logs in the event a request is made by the CSPA or any Canadian Government agency to view them continues to be required. CSPA intends to evaluate these requirements on an annual basis. Any comments or suggestions can be sent to [email protected] and will be disseminated to the appropriate team members.

Instructions for the signing Rigger or DZO
The intention is that Riggers and DZOs can be signing authorities for these requirements. It is expected that you verify logs before signing any maintenance and revalidation requirements. Signing for Ratings that the person does NOT have will cause this form to be rejected by the National Office.

Annual Requirement
1.Perform a minimum of twenty four (24) hours of rigging activity*
2.Complete a minimum of three (3) hours of repair work and/or the repair focused activities such as seminars and online videos
3.Current CSPA affiliation as a Registered Participant

* Rigging activity is defined as any combination of the following:

  • Canopy & gear inspections,
  • reserve repacks,
  • repair work as defined by Rigger Rating,
  • sharing of education specific to equipment with other riggers, packers, and/or skydivers,
  • assisting on CSPA rigger courses,
  • attending symposiums such as PIA,
  • attending knowledge based activities such as seminars, rigger safety day, and T&SC approved rigger focused online videos.