New Online System!

New Online System!

It’s been a long few months but we are finally ready to publicly launch our new database!

Our system now allows you to have access to your own personal profile all the time!

We’ve published a set of instructions to guide you through your access, as well as a set of instructions for how to renew your affiliation when it comes time. Note for coaches and instructors: revalidation forms must be sent to the office, either by email or uploading from your profile. Please see the instructions below.

As with any new system, there is a learning process. If you see something that doesn't look correct, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Please be patient as the system is new to the staff as well and we are still learning things as we go!

Please review these instructions (below) prior to contacting the National Office for any assistance!

Please also note: ALL existing skydivers MUST complete the first set of instructions below in order to activate your user access.

Please ensure this is done rather than creating an account, otherwise it will result in duplicate accounts.

Click here to access our new online system!


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