Affiliation Fees

Affiliation Fees

Before you read this latest announcement from CSPA, we encourage you to read the online article What’s in it for me? so you have a full bearing on what CSPA does for you.

Effective December 1, 2024, CSPA affiliation fees for skydivers will increase to $115 per year.

How did we get here?

As it has been reported for the past few AGMs CSPA has faced multiple headwinds that have affected our financial situation.  With COVID, came a major decline of our skydiver membership, one that is growing back slower than anticipated.  Additionally, many have chosen to not renew their affiliation due to economic concerns and continuous trends of bad weather has resulted in a loss of new skydivers.  With fewer skydivers it means that the cost that each skydiver must bear, is greater. The reality is, while our sport is growing in new disciplines, new programs, and new initiatives, CSPA is not increasing in participation numbers.

Another headwind is increased costs.  For the last five years we’ve seen an exponential growth in operating expenses. Unfortunately, one of the largest essential single-line expenses our association has (short of staff wages) is our insurance premium. This is the $5M policy we talked about in the last article, that protects you worldwide, is pretty-much mandatory at any dropzone across the world. The aviation industry is seeing massive hikes (30-40%) in insurance premiums across the globe, and although we seek out yearly alternatives, we are essentially along for the ride. This type of insurance is rare to purchase in the market, and we are limited to suppliers. Thankfully, we have a good relationship with our insurer, and a good claim history, which means we see affordable premium increases.

What are we doing?

Along with the Board of Directors, we are looking at all options to streamline our operations to minimize future increases.  Most committees have moved to online meetings, and less in person meetings. The Board is moving forward with only hosting the AGM in person every two years or as necessary. The new database has allowed us to move to digitization of affiliation cards and CanPara will be moving into a full digital platform.  

For the last decade, we have focused on better budgeting practices and we are actively searching for grants and funding and we remain optimistic for the next Sport Canada funding cycle.

This fee increase allows us to continue to operate and support our dropzones and skydivers with services and opportunities that you have come to expect.

What can you do?

Simply put, one of the most effective ways to minimize future increases is to ensure that we have a healthy membership.  Encourage more skydivers to take up and retain a CSPA affiliation.

Reach out to the Board and staff of any suggestions you may have to streamline operations.

If we all work together, we will get through this.



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