Coach 2

Coach 2


The Coach 2 will assist experienced novices and recreational skydivers to acquire an advanced level of overall skill, encouraging regular participation by setting goals for performance. Training as a Coach 2 will also take the form of a weekend clinic with evaluations by way of written tests and skydiving activities.


The privileges of this rating are to:

  1. Coach
    • skydivers progressing through the Recreational Skills Grid
  2. Supervise
    • skill development programs for skydivers at a dropzone
    • development of Coach 1's
  3. Certify Endorsements
  4. Qualify


Course Curriculum

The course is normally held over a 3 day period. Typically done over consecutive days but, may be done over two weekends.

The course is divided into the following modules:

  1. Introduction - course overview, CAC/CSPA model, Coach 1 review
  2. Coaches Techniques - Coach 2 roles/tasks, profile of the novice, goal setting, skill analysis, skill presentation methods
  3. Skills, Techniques, and Progression - skills grid, coaching accuracy, RW, and maneuver series, endorsements
  4. Preparation Techniques - ground rehearsal techniques, load organizing, mental training
  5. Technical Knowledge - theoretical knowledge a Coach 2 must know
  6. Unusual Situations - topics that a coach must be alert to, accident investigation, and high performance landing safety
  7. Course Summary - review, interviews


Evaluations on this course are:

  1. Personal Skydiving Level
    • Proximity jump (up, down, back, forward, side)
    • Accuracy and Canopy Control on every jump (75% within 10 m)
  2. Coaching Ability
    • 1:1 Coached Jumps - 2 jumps
    • Freestyle coached jump – with PAF plan
    • 4 way organization - simulation
    • Goal setting and skill analysis
  3. Technical Knowledge
    • Coached jump
    • Technical knowledge presentation
    • Classroom sessions
  4. Teamwork
    • Packing, motivation, attitude 

The marking system is:

  • E - Excellent - good in all areas
  • G - Good - weak in 1 area
  • S - Satisfactory - weak in 2 areas
  • NI - Needs Improvement - weak in all areas (requires a makeup)


The following practical requirements for the coach's portfolio must be met within 1 year of completing the training course:

  • make 50 additional jumps
  • 25 1:1 RW contacts with a Solo or "A" CoP holder
  • 1 RW coaching contact observed and debriefed by a certified Coach 2
  • complete all C2 portfolio documentation


To achieve certified status, submit to CSPA within 1 year, the following document:

  • completed C2 portfolio with SSE signoff


1. What personal equipment should I bring on the course?

  • Bring paper to write on. A three ring binder works well to organize paperwork
  • Regular dropzone clothing - expect 12 hour days
  • A valid CSPA affiliation card with proof of "C" CoP must be presented for verification
  • Logbook(s)
  • Personal skydiving gear in good condition, with reserve in date
  • Latest versions of PIM 1, PIM 2A, PIM 2B. They can be downloaded here.
  • Coach 2 Reference Manual
  • Coach 2 Workbook
  • Jumpsuit.

2. What should I read before the course?

  • Read and do the questions in the Coach 2 manual
  • Read PIM 2B

3. What kind of skydiving skills am I going to need to demonstrate?

You will have to demonstrate the following FS skills:

  • ability to dock in 5 secs or less from free flown tight exit on a 2 way
  • ability to slide, sit in place, turn in place
  • ability to breakoff properly and consistently with directional control and distance suitable for 8 way

4. How can I practice for the course?

  • Coach dive x2 - a stage 12 dive and a stage 13 dive, as a role play, supervise a fellow skydiver acting at stage 12 and 13 in all phases of the jump, provide feedback to each other
  • Simon says - dive out, dock, forward, backward, down, up, right slide, left slide, tun in place, breakoff
  • 4 way skills - infacing formations, 6 points with two seniors and one of your peers