"B" CoP

"B" CoP


The holder of a Class B Certificate of Proficiency may participate in:

  • Group formation skydiving activities
  • Group night jumps, once briefed and signed off by an SSE.
  • A CSPA Coach 1 course
  • A CSPA Rigger A course


Freefall Proficiency  
  • Completed 15 - 2 ways since A CoP, in the horizontal configuration


  • Performed a manoeuver series, consisting of right 360 turn, left 360 turn, front-loop, back-loop, right barrel roll, left barrel roll in less than 16 sec
Sport Canopy Endorsement B  
  • Review all canopy control skills covered in Sport Canopy “A” Endorsement.
C2, C3 - CP
  • Complete the Sport Canopy “B” Ground Briefing
C2, C3 - CP
  • Complete 10 self-guided, stand-up, safe accuracy landings to within 15 m of target.
  • Land on, or discuss landing on, an upslope or downslope
C2, C3 - CP
  • Land downwind
C2, C3 - CP
  • Braked approach
C2, C3 - CP
  • Coordinated turns
C2, C3 - CP
Technical Knowledge  
C2, C3-FF
  • Achieved a pass mark of at least 80% (and corrected to 100%) on the written exam administered by a CSPA SSE


Other Requirements  
  • Completed 50 jumps and accumulated 30 min FF time




The evaluations for this CoP are completed by the Signing Officer listed for the appropriate task. These requirements must be witnessed and signed in the logbook by the Coach/Instructor who has the proper rating. During processing of the application, the logbook entries are reviewed with special attention being paid to the specific practical qualifications for this certificate.


Practical Skills

All practical skills for this certificate must be achieved prior to writing the "B" CoP exam.



The endorsements required for this certificate are:

These endorsements will be tested by either written testing, verbal questioning and/or practical testing, or a combination of these.

All endorsements for this certificate must be obtained prior to writing the "B" CoP exam.

If your log book does not have an endorsement card, you can obain one here.


Technical Knowledge

The technical knowledge evaluated for this CoP is done during the written examination. Please check the study guide for this CoP to help with exam preparation.


How to Apply

Contact an SSE, so as to determine if requirements and qualifications have been met, prior to applying for a CoP. Each member group normally has at least one SSE.