Job Openings

Job Openings

Many dropzones across Canada are hiring for the 2022 season!

Check out these opportunities!


  1. Parachute Montreal, St. Esprit & Farnham
    • UPT tandem instructors, PFF instructors, Ground Control Instructors
    • If you are interested, please contact Gabrielle Prévost ([email protected]).


  1. Skydive Toronto, Cookstown
    • Tandem Instructors, PFF Instructors, Videographers.
    • Please send your CV to [email protected]
  2. Skydive Ontario, Cayuga
    • UPT tandem instructors (with handcam experience and own double GoPro Set up, 8 black minimum), Packers, Manifest (part-time), Ground crew (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
    • Please contact [email protected] for information
  3. Skydive Burnaby, Wainfleet
    • Strong tandem instructors (full time and part-time), Manifest (part-time)
    • Email [email protected] if interested and for further details.
  4. Niagara Skydive, Fenwick
    • Strong or Sigma tandem instructors (full time)
    • Email [email protected] if interested and for further details
  5. Skydive SWOOP, Dundas
    • UPT tandem instructors (with or without handcam experience), tandem packers, manifest (part time and full time), PFF instructors
    • Please contact [email protected] for information


  1. Skydive Salmon Arm (North Okanagan Vertical Adventures), Salmon Arm
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