Basically, the only funding currently available for our National Teams is the Team Fund. It is made up of the general fund for undirected donations and individual funds for all the disciplines if Registered Participants want to direct their donation to a specific team. These funds rely upon the participants generous donations. In addition, The Team Trust Fund also receives $5.00 per affiliation as long as the Defence Fund balance exceeds $125,000.00. However, only the interest, from these monies is disbursed from the Team Trust fund.

So we have a situation where our National Teams, for the most part, are left up to their own resources and have to fund their very expensive undertaking on their own. There is limited funding in CSPA’s annual buget. The team members are faced with great costs which amount to tens of thousands of dollars. They are truly dedicated to carry on. Therefore, it becomes very important for the participants of CSPA to send in our donations to the team fund. Of course, the easiest way of doing this is on an annual basis when we can tick that little box on our affiliation renewal card and send it along with our affiliation fees.

It is important that we donate to our teams. After all, there is a spin-off from competition that we all benefit from. Over the years, competition has been the catalyst and engine of innovation from which much of what we take for granted in our everyday skydiving has flowed. Donating is one small way we can become a part of the fielding of Canada's representatives to the world of international competition.

Support the National Team with a donation.

All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt.

You can donate to the general team fund and support all our competitive disciplines, or individually donate to any of the following:

  • Accuracy
  • Formation Skydiving
  • Canopy Formation
  • Canopy Piloting
  • Artistic
  • Wingsuit

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