CP Nationals

CP Nationals

Published date: June 3 2021

Dear Canopy Pilots,

We regret to inform you that against all our best efforts, we are unable to move forward with a CP Nationals this summer. Please disregard the advertisement in the latest CanPara as the decision was made after the issue was sent to print.

Organizing an event is not without its' normal challenges, and unfortunately, we were just not able to get the stars to align. We understand that there was initially a decent enough interest from athletes to compete, which gave us hope. However, the logistics of enough qualified officials  (notwithstanding additional COVID travel restrictions), the commitment of an acceptable course technical director, other volunteers and concerns about acquiring proper equipment proved to be too much.   Finally, we were not even close to the number of competitors willing to commit to attending by the cut-off date, May 31st.  We were not confident in moving forward if we could not produce a staffed, safe, and attendance-worthy competition.

CSPA would like to say a huge thank you to Parachute​ Montreal for attempting this venture with us and doing their part in supporting CP in Canada and the athletes who encouraged us to try.

For those interested in applying for the 2022 National Team for CP, please contact [email protected] to discuss alternative arrangements ​for inclusion in the 2022 National CP Team

Any questions regarding this cancellation can be sent to [email protected]