Under permission of the Board of Directors, the National Office will begin navigating some changes as we return to the post-COVID world. Staff will be temporarily moving to a flexible hybrid work schedule until March 2022, at which time the staff and the Board will re-evaluate the needs of the Association, the Members, and all Registered Participants.

What this means for you:

  • Virtual office hours will still be 8:30am to 4pm EST
  • Email will be the preferred method of communication. If you do wish to speak to a staff member by phone, please leave a voicemail with a call back number.
  • If you require to visit the office in person, please contact us with 48 hours notice so a staff member can arrange to meet with you.

Regardless of the change of location, we remain at your service for anything you need, as always.


Please see all COVID-19 annoucements below:


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