Coach 2 Conversion (Military)

Coach 2 Conversion (Military)

From PIM 1 Section 7.11

Conversion to C2 (from Military Square Parachute Instructor)


  • CSPA Affiliation
  • CSPA C CoP
  • 250 Jumps (Square Parachute)

Process – Complete the following in sequence:

  1. Contact CSPA Learning Facilitator with proof of MSPI Rating
  2. Payment of $45 CSPA Ratings Fee
  3. Approval by Ratings Processor to start the Conversion Process
  4. Completion of NCCP Making Ethical Decisions Module
  5. Completion of Jump 4 from the C2 Course with a Learning Facilitator
  6. Completion of C2 Exam with Learning Facilitator
  7. Completion of C2 Portfolio (including signatures)
  8. Submission of C2 Portfolio to CSPA
  9. Will receive CSPA C1 and C2 on completion of process