Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards

CSPA provides skill awards for various levels of achievement other than the formal levels of progression. Awards are given for reaching identified milestones as well as for recognizing volunteer service to our sport. These awards are provided to Registered Participants free of charge in many cases.

Applications for these awards can be found below or through the CSPA National Office. CSPA provides awards for the following:

Accumulated Jump Awards

  • 1000 jump Wings
  • 2000 jump Wings
  • 3000 jump Wings
  • plus Wings for each 1000 jumps thereafter

Accumulated Hours of Freefall

  • 10 Hour pin
  • 24 Hour pin
  • 36 Hour pin
  • Plus every 12 hours thereafter

Years in Sport

  • 10 Year pin
  • 15 Year pin
  • 20 Year pin
  • Plus ever 5 years thereafter


  • CXM Award: Having been in a 10-way or larger formation held for five seconds or more over a Canadian dropzone