2018 Virtual Competition!

2018 Virtual Competition!

Join the Virtual Canadian Competition in 2018

Fellow skydivers, do you enjoy competing? How about hanging out with your local buddies and doing some fun jumps? Or better yet, competing against skydivers across Canada?  This year, August 4th to the 26th, the CSPA is going to be hosting a virtual competition.

What is a virtual competition, you ask?

With Nationals being held every two years—which coincide picking the candidates for the Worlds the following year—there are many skydivers who still would like to train, practice and compete. However, organizing your own competition at your local DZ might not be feasible. With some of the smaller centers having a limited number of jumpers (and lift), CSPA wanted to give skydivers an opportunity to train and compete ‘virtually’ all across Canada.

This idea is very similar to the National Skydiving League (NSL) in the USA. CSPA always wants to support local jumpers and encourage learning and growing while having fun too! This event will allow skydivers to compete in their preferred skill against other jumpers of the same level across Canada without having to spend money/time on travel. Furthermore, this opportunity offers the chance to be judged by our very own National Judges. Using official rules and regulations, this will give jumpers a true sense of how they would place and what they could work on as a team or as an individual. CSPA will hand out the dive pool (like at a regular competition) and each team/individual will submit their video of that dive and it will be judged nationally.

For more information on the NSL league (which this is partially based on) please visit https://www.skyleague.com

A small working group within the CSPA has put together a plan for competitions in:

  • FS
    • 2way
    • 3way (Junior)
    • 3way (Intermediate)
    • 4way (Junior)
    • 4way (Intermediate)
  • VFS
    • 2way
    • 4way (Junior)
    • 4way (Intermediate)
  • CF
    • 2way
  • Accuracy (Provided there is a judge available at your DZ)


All you have to do is hire a videographer with a high-resolution camera and jump the dives that will be released on August 3rd in your desired discipline. Once completed, submit your best jump of your FS/VFS dive, or the best of three jumps of accuracy to the CSPA by midnight of August 26th. Judges will review all videos during the month of September and the winners will be announced on September 28th. There will also be an award for rookie of the year as well as most entertaining dive. We hope to get A LOT of videos! This event is open to CSPA Registered Participants and we would love to see all levels of CoP holders participate!


Let us know if you would like to participate and be listed under ‘participating DZ’s’ in the next CanPara (FREE national-wide advertising!). Should you want to participate, we will list you as a supporter of this event as well as your load capacity. We will post the dates for when the Accuracy judge will be on site for that portion of the competition. Pick a contact at your DZ who loves this idea or is passionate about competition and let us know. They can be our main contact for your DZ regarding this event.

For those in Western Canada, your contact will be Kaneena Vanstone: kaneena.vanstone@cspa.ca

For those in Eastern Canada, your contact will be Brian Cole: brian.cole@cspa.ca

For those in Quebec, your contact will be Roger Theriault: roger.theriault@cspa.ca

Read the next CanPara issue for additional information on the upcoming event. As this grows, we will look forward to adding additional disciplines.

Blue Skies!

Written by Kaneena Vanstone
Introduction by Ned Ambrus

Submission Process

Registration not required, simply submit your information/video before September 16th at midnight!

  1. When you're ready to upload your video, complete the submission form with your team information.
  2. Upload your video to the link provided in the submission confirmation. Please name the file as your team name.
    • Note: Accuracy competitors please upload your score sheet, signed by the judge.
    • Only one submission per team.
    • All disciplines will be judged according to CSPA rules.
  3. Winners will be announced on October 26. 


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