PFFI Conversion (FAI)

PFFI Conversion (FAI)

CSPA recognizes that coaches and instructors from other countries bring FAI certifications and valuable experiences to Canada. To facilitate conversion of those ratings to their CSPA equivalencies, the following process has been established.

The conversion process is much more than recognizing flying skills. Coaches and instructors will demonstrate the ability to teach skills, evaluate performance, plan skydives, safely supervise inflight procedures, and debrief. Knowledge of the coaching and instructor system and CoP certification requirements will also be evaluated.

Recognizing the skills from another country is one thing but to educate to the Canadian standards is quite another. The CSPA wants to facilitate the transition and integration of experienced foreign instructors without creating a parallel system that would encourage Canadian skydivers to go across the border to take courses.

The CSPA system is based on the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) model. The NCCP model distinguishes between training and certification. To become "certified" in a coaching context, coaches are evaluated on their demonstrated ability to perform in areas such as planning a jump, skill analysis, and support to participants during training.

In order to start the process, contact a Learning Facilitator in your area to arrange a time and location. The LF will obtain a conversion package from the CSPA office and will evaluate the conversion candidate’s coaching, instructing and flying abilities. There is a $45 ratings fee per rating converted, payable to the CSPA office. There will also be a fee for the Learning Facilitator’s time and jumps.

Once converted, all certification requirements per the ratings Portfolios apply and must be completed prior to receiving a certified rating.

Unsuccessful conversion attempts

Unsuccessful candidates will not become temporary instructors or coaches. The evaluator should direct the candidate to the next course for that rating, and request that the candidate take the complete training. The candidate can appeal the outcome of the unsuccessful evaluation in a letter to the Chair of the Coaching Working Committee (


  • CSPA affiliation
  • CSPA C CoP
  • Be an active jumper (minimum 50 jumps in past 12 months)
  • Proof of equivalent FAI instructor rating
  • Minimum 600 jumps and 6 hours of freefall time
  • Provide proof of more than 50 AFF jumps (MSI, RSI or 1:1)
  • Complete GCI module (GCI certified recommended)

Conversion process

  • Complete 2 evaluation jumps (Jumps # 5 and 6 per PFFI course)
  • Pass the evaluation jump criteria with a score of at least 80%
  • Pass the PFFI course exam with a score of at least 80%

If successful, the candidate will receive a PFFI Portfolio.


  • Complete and submit PFFI Portfolio
  • Complete and submit GCI portfolio


  • Administer the PFF student program
  • Perform 2:1 and 1:1 PFF jumps levels
  • Sign logbooks for PFF students

Note that conversion to PFFI does not grant the candidate the privileges of a Coach 2 nor of an SSI. The PFFI conversion specifically does not confer the privilege of teaching the first jump course.