UPDATE: CSPA and Indoor Skydiving

UPDATE: CSPA and Indoor Skydiving

April 22, 2016: Update on the 2016 AGM vote on Indoor Skydiving

Dear Members and Registered Participants,

At the 2016 AGM held in Trenton, ON, the following motion was passed:

“Be it resolved that CSPA adopt Indoor Skydiving as a competition discipline and to that end, amend the purpose of CSPA to include “competition indoor skydiving” subject to approval from CRA to change and that I.S. participants and tunnel activities be excluded from access to the defence and current team funds.”

After receiving complaints that the vote was not held in accordance with PIM 3, the Board of Directors voted to seek legal advice from the Not-For-Profit lawyer that guided CSPA's 2013 by-law revisions.

They returned with the opinion that the motion from the floor was not valid, and therefore the vote is not binding. 

Should Member(s) wish to pursue this change to CSPA, it will require a Special Resolution which requires the motion be received at the CSPA Office by the  Record Date posted for the 2017 AGM. 

At the April 19th, 2016 conference call, the BoD agreed to: 

1.  not further this initiative by virtual vote.

2.  not further this initiative without conducting a detailed risk management analysis.

3.  ensure the Membership and Registered Participants are thoroughly up-dated on all aspects, pro and con, as we work to resolve the IPC's decision to include Competition IS within Parachuting as an aviation sport.

If you are interested in further information please contact Michelle at the National Office at: [email protected].

On behalf of the CSPA Board of Directors and National Office,

Michelle Matte-Stotyn

Executive Director


December 16, 2015: Notice from the Board of Directors of CSPA

Dear Registered Participants,

As you know, the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA), by reason of affiliation with the Aero Club of Canada (ACC), is the official sport organization for parachuting in Canada. Within the FAI, the International Parachuting Commission (IPC) governs sport parachuting at the international level.

At the 2013 IPC Annual Plenary Meeting, Indoor Skydiving (IS) was formally accepted as an IPC discipline. As there is no other National Airsport Control (NAC) in Canada that could potentially represent Indoor Skydiving and affiliate with the ACC. We believe that CSPA is the relevant NAC to take on this responsibility.

This has posed some difficulty within CSPA as our current purpose does not recognize Indoor Skydiving.

The Board of Directors, along with an Indoor Skydiving Working Group has reviewed the benefits of adding Indoor Skydiving as a competition discipline and believes that it is a positive step for CSPA and the athletes that compete in this discipline. This change will allow Canadian IS athletes to compete on a world stage at Indoor Skydiving events. In addition to this major benefit, some others include:

  • Indoor skydivers will be more exposed to CSPA and could likely become Registered Participants, which will result in income to support this discipline.
  • There is a likelihood that indoor skydivers will also become sport parachutists. This transition will result in very proficient skydivers who are already competition oriented.
  • Long Term Athlete Development
    • Vertical Wind Tunnels and Indoor Skydiving are specifically fundamental to Stage one of Flight Plan: Active Start, Pre-skydiving. However, it is important to note that indoor skydiving is used by athletes throughout all stages of Flight Plan.
  • Competition
    • Introducing Indoor Skydiving as a competition discipline will raise the bar for other competitions and other competitors and continue to develop our National athletes.
    • Indoor Skydiving competitions offer great training and development opportunities for CSPA judges.
    • The exposure of indoor skydivers to competition overseen by CSPA may generate more interest in becoming involved in judging, both indoor and outdoor.

Indoor Skydiving is a discipline that has grown in popularity in the last decade, and continues to flourish. Participant lists from the last 4 Canadian tunnel competitions (2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015) show an increase in participation not only of skydivers, but also of non-skydivers. While skydivers see it as a training tool, indoor skydivers see it as a sport in its own right. CSPA can bridge that gap as a way to bring together all those that want to fly.

However, the decision to accept Indoor Skydiving as a competition discipline can’t be made by the Board of Directors. The decision lies with the Members (Dropzones, Provincial Sport Organizations, and Clubs). Discussions on this matter will take place at CSPA’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday February 27th, 2016 at the Parachute Training Symposium.

The BoD would like to hear from both our Members and Registered Participants. So how can you help? Talk to your voting representatives (DZO, the Board of your PSO or Club BoD). Let them know your thoughts and if you believe this is a positive move for the association or not. 

We invite you to read some additional details of this initiative in the documents below.

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the National Office at 613-419-0908, any of our Directors, or our Executive Director Michelle Matte-Stotyn at [email protected].

We appreciate your input and encourage you to get involved.


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