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Technical & Safety Committee


The Technical & Safety Committee maintains the safety standards of CSPA by promoting the highest principles of honesty, integrity, and professional behavior in dealings with the industry, CSPA membership, and the public.


The T&SC:

  • Oversees the issuance of Certificates of Proficiency (CoP’s)
  • Promotes safe skydiving through rigger education and maintaining the rigging system.
  • Investigates and acts upon complaints against riggers.
  • Maintains a schedule of technical bulletins.
  • Issues Exhibition Jump Ratings (EJR’s).
  • Investigates and acts upon EJR incidents and accidents.
  • Compiles summaries of accidents, incidents, and fatalities (AIM reports).
  • Maintains PIM 1 (Basic Safety Rules and Recommendations) on a bi-annual basis.


The T&SC conducts meetings in various regions of Canada. Meetings are open to any CSPA member wishing to observe. For more information see the T&SC Terms of Reference Manual.