Vancouver Skydive

Vancouver Skydive

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Vancouver’s immense beauty and rugged terrain are an adventurer’s paradise. Skydiving is the pinnacle of those adventures. At Vancouver Skydive, multiple mountain ranges converge on one beautiful drop location to provide an unforgettable skydive experience. We have one of the most beautiful and unique skydive locations in the world.

When you jump out of an airplane for a living, your stoke level is pretty high. We’re super passionate about skydiving and we want you to be too. We make sure you understand that skydiving is more than just falling out of airplanes; it’s a sport, a lifestyle and a family to us. Our team pulls back the curtain and shows you our world. Whether you are nervous or excited, 18 or 81, first or twenty first jump, we’re super excited to introduce you to our amazing sport.

Fly with Vancouver Skydive for the highest jumps in BC, for the only jumps in Metro Vancouver and for the amazing backdrop. We hope to fly with you soon.


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Pitt Meadows Airport
Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2B3
C182, C205, Navejo
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Al Christou