Capital City Skydiving

Capital City Skydiving

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Nestled on the Saanich Peninsula approximately 15 minutes from Victoria lies Capital City Skydiving, designed from the ground up to efficiently function as a skydiving training and recreation center. Landing on the gorgeous Ocean View Estates farm, it also offers an on-site maze, local catered food and gorgeous views of the San Juan Islands, the Georgia Strait and Olympic mountain range.

At the airport we have a dedicated teaching area for new and experienced skydivers.  With our highly experienced staff, we facilitate training for experienced skydivers, first-time tandem jumpers and new skydivers via our Gradual Freefall (GFF) or Progressive Freefall (PFF) Programs.

Come out and meet our skydiving family and let us introduce you to the most incredible sport out there!


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9681 Willingdon Rd
North Saanich, BC
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Robert Verret