• Parachutisme Nouvel Air

    Depuis plus de 20 ans, Parachutisme Nouvel Air offre aux personnes non-initiées la possibilité de faire le saut dans l’une des activités les plus enivrantes qui soient : la chute libre. Réunissant dans son équipe les parachutistes les plus qualifiés du Canada, notre école se démarque par le savoir-faire éprouvé de ses instructeurs et par ses valeurs axées sur l’innovation et le perfectionnement.


  • Skydive Big Sky Ltd.

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    Big Sky is a full service dropzone, offering programs from the first time skydive to the fully experienced skydiver or Instructor.  Currently operating turbine aircraft.



  • Skydive Burnaby

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    Experience breathtaking views of the endless shores of Lake Erie, sights of Niagara Falls and Toronto from 14,000 feet.  Awesome air lift, really cool vibe, professional and incredible.  Clean on site accommodations.


  • Skydive Extreme Yeti

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    Skydive Extreme Yeti offers a complete skydiving experience for both newcomers and expert jumpers alike. Our focus is on customer service and providing the ultimate skydiving experience to anyone visiting our drop zone in Golden BC. Skydiving is an exhilarating and intense adrenaline rush that can't be described, you've just got to do it! So, you're ready to skydive? Well, you've found the best place in the Rocky Mountains to do it!


  • Skydive Manitoba Ltd.

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    Just 45 minutes north of Winnipeg, Manitoba’s premier CSPA skydive training facility offers a full menu of options to get you up here with us, from that “Bucket List” one-time-only Tandem Skydive (although you’ll discover that one is never enough!), to the First Jump Course that will set you on your way to joining us in the sky long-term…


    Manitoba’s most experienced staff of fully-trained CSPA-certified instructors, coaches, and Tandem Masters

    Lounge, Classroom, Kitchen, and Video facilities

  • Skydive Moncton Inc.

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    The only nationally certified drop zone in New Brunswick;

    Affiliated with the Canadian Sport Parachute Association (CSPA);

    Service available in both official languages;

    All training is performed by CSPA certified instructors;

    Over 15 certified instructors and coaches;

    In operation since 1978 teaching basic and advanced skydiving to thousands of jumpers including the Canadian Forces Search & Rescue Techs (Sar Techs).


  • Skydive Petawawa

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    Located at the Pembroke Airport, Skydive Petawawa offers first jump courses and tandems for beginners.  Our classroom is available to both experienced and student skydivers.  We also offer an indoor heated packing area and we are colocated with Dynamic Parachute Rigging to satisfy your rigging needs.


  • Skydive Saskatoon Ltd.

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    Serving up adrenaline in Saskatoon!

    So you want to jump out of an airplane, do you? You are in very good hands! The team of Tandem Masters at Skydive Saskatoon bring decades of experience and thousands of jumps. If this is something you have been wanting to do for a while, now is the time to do it. Get off yer butt and sign up! We look forward to jumping with you!