SkyHawks Recruitment

SkyHawks Recruitment

The SkyHawks are looking for any CSPA Registered Participant who is currently a member of the Canadian Armed Forces in the Regular Force or in the Reserves. They must have a CSPA "A" CoP or foreign equivalent with a minimum of 50 jumps. The SkyHawks perform Canopy Relative Work (CRW) demonstrations. The training plan that the SkyHawks use brings an "A" CoP/Licence skydiver up to a CRW demonstrator who will be able to perform demonstrations into stadiums, confined drop zones and airshows across North America. If you wish to apply you must be qualified in your trade, have your Commanding Officer's permission and send the following to

a.      Copy of CoP/Licenses and ratings (CSPA/USPA);

b.      Copy of log books;

c.      A letter of recommendation from your Commanding Officer;

d.      MPRR;

e.      An experience resume to include any prior public affairs experience.

Deadline for applications is 31 November 2016. Training at CFB Trenton begins last week of February 2017 with ground training. Each successful applicant will deploy to Perris Valley, CA, USA for jump camp for five weeks. All lift tickets, flights, accommodations, meals are supplied by the SkyHawks. Note all applicants will be required to follow SkyHawk procedures for jumping, packing and safety. As well, all members require to have a valid passport.

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