Rigger B

Rigger B


  • Assist on RA, RA1 and RA2 courses, and on RB courses under direct supervision of a qualified RI


  • All rigger course candidates


  • Main packing endorsement
  • RA pre-course packing requirements
  • Conduct re-currency training for all rigger levels

Qualified to

  • Inspect, assemble and pack sport and tandem parachute assemblies, main and reserves
  • Inspect, assemble and pack pilot emergency parachutes
  • Inspect, assemble and pack other types of parachute systems
  • Do advanced parachute repairs
  • Harness modifications and major repairs
  • Blueprint, design and manufacture components


  • Current CSPA affiliation as a Registered Participant
  • B CoP or with prior approval from the T&SC
  • RA2 rating


  • Main packing


  • Inspect, assemble and pack other parachute systems
  • Advanced sewing machine repair
  • Complex canopy patching
  • Harness and container repairs and modifications
  • Manufacture components


  • Score at least 80%, corrected to 100% on the written open book test