Sport Canopy A

Sport Canopy A

Tailor the information presented to the equipment that the novice is currently jumping and to the equipment they are likely to transition to next.

Cover the following theory topics:

  • Wing loading and effects
  • Control range (sensitivity, testing, flying and landing with limited range)
  • Turbulence (where found, how to react)
  • Harness inputs (canopy reacts to harness inputs on opening, in flight, on landing)
  • Keep flying on landing
  • Recovery of sport canopies
  • Crosswind landings
  • Flat turns, emergency turns close to ground/on final

Transitions to new equipment

  • Shopping for equipment – who to ask for advice (Coach 2's), what to look for
  • Tasks on test jumps, first jumps on new canopies

Discuss reaction time as a critical factor in skydiving and particularly when landing. High performance landing speeds can easily exceed 45 mph. Human reaction time is typically ¾ of a second. A canopy will respond to corrections in ¼ of a second or more. A jumper easily needs to anticipate 66 feet in front of them. At 60 mph, this number climbs to 88 feet. To put this in perspective 88 feet is longer than some successful turf surf's.

With respect to safely performing high performance landings (hand eye coordination, reaction time….etc). Discuss the impact of physical condition/fitness, health, use of alcohol & drugs (and their lingering effects many hours after consumption….i.e. hung over)