Coach 3: Wingsuit

Coach 3: Wingsuit


  • Coach advanced wingsuit programs
  • Conduct first-flight / initiation jumps
  • Mentor aspiring Coach 3s
  • Be recognized within CSPA (and on website) as a subject matter expert


  • Succeed at one recognized wingsuit manufacturer first flight instructor course
  • Collect recommendations from two SSE/DZOs verifying reputation as a subject matter expert
  • Participate in two judged events or competitions (e.g. records, big-ways, acrobatics competition, performance competition)
  • Coach 2 certified for a minimum of two years
  • Minimum 100 wingsuit flights
  • Proof of ability to teach a group
  • Submit lesson plan with portfolio
  • Verification by DZSO of safety orientated attitude
  • Final Exam (coaching & teaching)

Currency Requirements

  • Teach 2 courses in two years consisting of 10 candidates or proof of intensive training or 10 one-on-one candidates trained.
  • 50 wingsuit flights in previous 12 months