Capital City Skydiving

Capital City Skydiving

Nestled on the Saanich Peninsula approximately 15 minutes from Victoria lies the Capital City Skydiving, designed from the ground up to efficiently function as a skydiving training and recreation centre. Landing on the highly renowned Woodwynn Farm on the largest space available for parachuting activities, it also has an on site maze, general store, and farmer’s market.

At the airport we have a dedicated teaching area for new and experienced skydivers.  We facilitate training for new skydivers, tandem jumpers, and development for experienced skydivers.

From the sky you’ll get to experience stunning vistas of the Olympic and Cascade Mountain Range as well as the Straits of Juan de Fuca and Georgia Strait. This entire complex is surrounded by acres of hay and crops of locally produced organic foods. The land gently descends into the ocean around all sides of the peninsula. The stunning visual stimulation will make you want to jump repeatedly.

December - March by appointment only.


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9681 Willingdon Rd
North Saanich, BC
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Robert Verret