About the CWC

About the CWC


The Coaching Working Committee (CWC) is a volunteer committee made up of a core group of CSPA Instructors and Learning Facilitators. It was established in 1980, with an aim to oversee the Coach and Instructor programs for CSPA.

In 1980, there was no real consistent instructional method except for the first jump student. Progression was achieved by learning freefall skills from a person who sounded like they knew what they were talking about. So, the actual techniques varied widely between coaches, dropzones, and geographical areas. Skydivers were performing skills in a manner that was mysterious rather than based on sound principles and logical progression.

Today, the Canadian system of coaching and instructing has been adopted by many around the world. Skydive University in the United States, for example, has its origins here in Canada. The CWC has developed technical knowledge and standards that make the topics of yesteryear well understood and easily taught.

And it continues to develop coaching/instructing methods that ensure skydivers wanting to learn any aspect of skydiving can be taught at their dropzone. In 2005, the Canadian system coaching/instructing evolved into one that is competency-based. Our coaches incorporate more theoretical knowledge of coaching to make them more effective at their dropzones.


The Committee's mandate includes the following:

  • Further develop safe skydiving through the promotion of sound instructional practices.
  • Maintain and extend the present coaching and instructing programs by:
    • Co-ordinating the training of Coaches and Instructors.
    • Co-ordinating the training of Learning Facilitators.
    • Overseeing the issue and maintenance of Coach and Instructor ratings.
    • Investigating complaints against Learning Facilitators, Coaches, and Instructors, as directed by the BoD, and making subsequent recommendations on appropriate action.
  • Develop resource material for skydivers, Coaches, Instructors, and Learning Facilitators in the form of
    • Coaching, Instructing, and PIM manuals
    • Articles in CanPara
  • Review and disseminate appropriate material produced by the Coaching Association of Canada.
  • Recognise outstanding service and performance by Coaches and Instructors.
  • Provide national seminars to keep Coaches, Instructors, and Learning Facilitators up to date on the recent developments in the sport.
  • Promote the public image of parachuting as a safe and enjoyable sport.
  • Develop risk management strategies and practices that will be of use to Coaches, Instructors, and parachutists.
  • Further develop the professional image of Coaches and Instructors.
  • Involve Coaches and Instructors in the further development and implementation of the present programs.
  • Inform the CSPA membership of any changes made to the system through bulletins published in CanPara and on CSPA’s e-mail information list.
  • Collect feedback from Coaches and Instructors concerning the program.
  • Actively identify and encourage suitable candidates to attend Learning Facilitator training.
  • Produce the Certificate of Proficiency (CoP) exams.